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The BAM images" and the change with surface pressure of the relative reflectivity (Figure 10)give complementary information on the interactions and structural characteristics of monoolein + pcasein mixed monolayers, which corroborate the conclusions derived from the n-A isotherm. The morphology of r n ~ n o o l e i n ,%casein ,~ (Figure 5 ) and monoolein + p-casein domains" at surface pressures lower than that for p-casein collapse cannot be observed by BAM due to the fact that pure components and mixed monolayers form isotropic domains at the air-water interface.

Over the past decade or so, several new techniques have been developed to determine the interaction forces between colloidal particle surfaces. The majority of these techniques are static or equilibrium methods. ~ Each gives valuable results in the right hands, but each also has its own particular disadvantage(s) such as the requirement of a high degree of operator expertise or a great sensitivity to surface contamination. 6p8The technique monitors trajectories of individual mobile particles in laminar shear flow before and after ‘collision’ with a fixed particle E.

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