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During the last decades of the Third Republic (1871–1940), cabinets had an average span of eight months, approximately the same life cycle as those governing the Fourth French Republic between 1946 and 1958. This chronic pattern of political change both contributed to and resulted from the lack of political consensus and civic consciousness in French society. Prior to the Third Republic, constitutional systems scarcely existed long enough to attract strong ties between the individual and the state.

S. east coast and Midwest, where European immigrant neighborhoods still bear names such as Little Italy, Little Moscow, and Germantown, and between Asian arrivees and Canadians in the coastal cities of western Canada are not the only examples of territorialized ethnic conflict in North America. S. Spanish-speaking isle of Puerto Rico. Moreover, each continues to raise challenges to system maintenance in their respective political systems. They are not, however, so much the product of immigration and settler colonialism as the byproducts of colonial and imperial warfare.

The removal policy forced the tribal nations away from their traditional ways of life. It also often had genocidal consequences as far as the cultures of numerous Indian nations were concerned. And it forever foreclosed the pursuit of a traditional style of ethnoterritorial politics by the Native Americans, for although it did at least temporarily leave the tribes with a territorial base for self-rule, the territory was no longer their historical lands. Moreover, in short order the removal policy affected virtually all of the tribes east of the Mississippi River.

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