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By Andreas Musolff

Political metaphors and similar figurative discourse instruments are characterized via their variability and contentiousness. utilizing them, discourse contributors attempt to achieve aggressive virtue over others by way of supplying their audiences new that means nuances, tough one another and asserting political projects. it truly is the following that metaphor as a way to alter meanings – and hence, to alter social and political truth – comes into its personal.

Political Metaphor Analysis presents an cutting edge method of the learn of figurative language use in political discourse via providing empirical analyses in line with a wide corpus of political metaphors and metonymies, linking those analyses to theoretical positions and assessing their boundaries and views for additional exploration. The 'classic' version of conceptual metaphor research, pioneered through Lakoff and Johnson (1980) and accelerated and amended during the last thirty-five years, is significantly tested with reference to new findings in regards to the version, historicity, pragmatic exploitation, comprehension and interpretation of metaphors.

As a crucial new analytical type, the thought of “metaphor situation” is proposed and proven opposed to a number of sub-sets of information. It permits to hyperlink hypothesised conceptual metaphors to narrative, argumentative and evaluative styles in genuine discourse and realizing approaches, in order that their cognitive value will be extra reliably gauged and theoretically modelled.

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It shows that the theoretical assumption of conceptual source domains is borne out by documenting thematically related sets of lexical and phrasal items in a corpus, which form coherent collocation patterns. It also provides a basis for analysing the emergence of coherent frames through highly frequent and systematic usage that allow the public to interpret a target topic in terms of narratives, such as the 1996 ‘Beef War’ script, which shape the political dynamic by entrenching a particular perspective and evaluation of it.

The Independent, 24 April 1990) In these texts, topical Euro-political developments are unfavourably compared with presumed stances held by the founding fathers. In example (6), the journalist puts his own doubts anachronistically (‘if they were still among us’) in their mouth. In (7), the then British foreign minister, faced with attempts by the ‘Franco-German couple’ to impose its agenda on the whole of the European Union, uses the founding fathers’ (presumed) political ethics as an argument against a perceived dangerous development.

Apart from building strong argumentative stances through their narrative and evaluative contents, scenarios such as that of the uk–eu marriage threatened by divorce also establish intertextual relationships among the texts in which they appear. One further characteristic is the strong figure-background effect that scenarios can create in cases where the default version of one or several scenario elements is abandoned and even contradicted by loading it with an opposite evaluation or bias. This applies to the founding father and mother scenarios.

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