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It is part of the tanner’s job and skill to simplify or purify this starting material, allowing it to be converted into a product that is both desirable and useful in modern life. 1–4 The major component of skin is type I collagen: so, unless otherwise specified, the term ‘collagen’ will always refer to type I collagen. Other collagens do feature in leather making and their roles are defined later. e. they are made up of amino acids. 1). Each one features a terminal amino group and a terminal carboxyl group, which become involved in the peptide link (see below), and a sidechain attached to the methylene group in the centre of the molecule.

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In its raw state, collagen can be solubilised. Moreover, the conditions causing the shrinking do result in different intermediate states. 36 Alternatively, under acid conditions, crimping is less obvious because the hydrolysis reaction is slower, so the damaged fibre structure is characterised by the presence of broken collagen chains and collagen fragments: the outcome in dried pelt is a cementing of the fibre structure causing the material to be embrittled. When collagen is in a tanned state, depending on the chemistry of the process, the reaction typically stops at the shrunk stage.

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