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In a wildly careening plot which could in simple terms be defined as crack noir, pipeheads unintentionally thieve a photograph of George W. Bush's presidential package deal and judge to blackmail the Republican occasion. sooner than the crack-crazed thieves can stick to via, besides the fact that, lovely, whip-smart Nurse Tina, who is simply offed her husband with a bowl of Drano-laced fortunate Charms, absconds with the products. whilst Manny Rubert, a scarred ex-junkie grew to become codeine-popping detective, is named in to enquire the "foamer" hubby's premature death, love hits him like a wrench to the head.Soon Manny and Tina are planning in their personal for the presidential pie -- and for his or her destiny jointly. however the meddling police chiefs and lodge room sex-change surgeons of the realm simply will not go away them on my own. after which there are these killer crackheads, nonetheless in the market and shutting in....

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Who’d want to make her life any more miserable? “Wait,” Tina said, in a tone he hadn’t heard before, something harder and tougher fortifying her words. ” PLAINCLOTHES N aKED “I hope you’re right,” he said, and plunged on before he could summon one of the eight zillion reasons for stopping before things went any further. ” “Because you’re pregnant,” he told her. ” “I wanted it to be a surprise,” she said choking up on cue. “Now I wish I had told him. ” She sounded so convincing, Manny got a chill.

No amount of adjusting could make it bearable. There wasn’t a Comfy Cushion, Sacro-Ease, or inflatable pillow invented that countered the discomfort of sitting in the fat detective’s divot. ”—when Tina made her proposi­ tion. He’d been pleading with the department for a new car for two years. “Okay, pull over,” she said, when the house was in sight. She was already fishing in her purse. Part of Manny worried someone might see him sitting with a pos­ sible perp. But it wasn’t like she had her head between his legs—he wasn’t the sex-for-favors type.

I’ll spill,” she cried up at him. ” McCardle fought hard to keep his face in neutral. He was impressed at the way Tony kept his cool. He didn’t know what he’d do if his own moms shamed him that way. Happily, she wouldn’t be out before 2039, so it wasn’t an issue. PLAINCLOTHES N aKED “All I want is a name, Ma. I want to know who had access to the bed. That’s it. ” “Your father never messed around. ” his mother shrieked. Not once! ” Tony’s jaw began to twitch. He hadn’t had any crack for twenty minutes, and it was killing him.

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