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By D. and J. A. W. M. Weijnen De Wied

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Thioglycollate. In the assay system used, the CRF activity of AVP was detectable only if the dose injected exceeded 30 m u . Preliminary differential centrifugation experiments, one of which is shown in Table I, indicated that the CRF-containing particles constitute a very heterogeneous population varying in size between large mitochondria and small microsomes. Therefore an attempt was made to concentrate and eventually isolate the CRF-containing particles by centrifugation on discontinuous sucrose density gradients.

Hypothalamic regions involved in adenohypophyseal function. plexus of median Superior hypoph artery Fig. 3. Vasculature of the pituitary gland. References p . 18 14 J. R. HODGES corticotrophic activity is dependent upon the hypothalamus and the hypophyseal portal blood vessels which carry transmitter substances from the median eminence to the gland. Corticotrophin releasing factor (CRF) is secreted in the median basal hypothalamus and conveyed to the adenohypophysis by the hypophyseal portal vessels.

J. , 168, 406413. VERNIKOS-DANELLIS, J. (1965) Effect of stress, adrenalectomy, hypophysectomy and hydrocortisone on the corticotrophin-releasing activity of rat median eminence. Endocrinology, 76, 122-126. VERNIKOS-DANELLIS, J. AND TRIGG, L, N. (1967) Feedback mechanisms regulating pituitary ACTH secretion in rats bearing transplantable pituitary tumors. Endocrinology, 80, 345-350. 32 M. MOTTA et at. WASSERMAN, M. , BELTON, N. R. AND MILLICHAP, J. G. (1965) Effect of corticotropin (ACTH) on experimental seizures.

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