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By Louis D., & John G. Verkade, eds. Quin

content material: Phosphorus-carbon compounds with p[pi]-p[pi] bonds / R. Appel --
Selective bond formation of organophosphorus acids with practical teams of organic significance / L. Horner, R. Gehring, and H.-W. Flemming --
Chemical synthesis and organic homes of the 5'-terminus of eukaryotic messenger ribonucleic acids (mRNA) / Tsujiaki Hata, Mitsuo Sekine, Iwao Nakagawa, Kazuo Yamaguchi, Shinkichi Honda, Takashi Kamimura, Kazuko Yamaguchi, and Kin-Ichiro Miura --
Triphenylphosphane-diethylazodicarboxylate : an invaluable process for directed structural version of carbohydrates / E. Zbiral, H.H. Brandstetter, and E. Mark --
man made software of aspect natural substituted phosphorus ylides / H.J. Bestmann --
Mono-, di-, and multi-ylides in organometallic chemistry / Hubert Schmidbaur --
man made and spectroscopic investigations related to [alpha]-heterosubstituted phosphonate carbanions / Hans Zimmer --
a brand new method of activation of hydroxy compounds utilizing pentacoordinated spirophosphoranes / J.I.G. Cadogan, I. Gosney, D. Randles, and S. Yaslak --
man made functions of [alpha]-amino substituted phosphine oxides / A. Van Der Gen and N.L.J.M. Broekhof --
Reactions of aziridines, 4-oxazolines, and their derivatives with alkylidene phosphoranes and phosphorus(III) nucleophiles / M. Vaultier and R. Carrié --
Phosphonates containing sulfur and selenium : synthesis, reactions, and new purposes / M. Mikołajczyk, S. Grzejszczak, W. Midura, M. Popielarczyk, and J. Omelańczuk --
Umpolung of [alpha], [beta]-ethylenic ketones and aldehydes through phosphorus teams / H.J. Cristau, J.P. Vors, Y. Beziat, C. Niangoran, and H. Christol --
Monomeric metaphosphates in enzymic and in enzyme-model structures / F.H. Westheimer --
Stereoelectronic results in phosphate esters / D.G. Gorenstein, R. Rowell, and okay. Taira --
Stereospecific synthesis and project of absolute configuration at phosphorus in nucleoside 3'- and 5'-O-arylphosphorothioates and nucleoside cyclic 3',5'-phosphorothioates / J. Baraniak, Z.J. Leśnikowski, W. Niewiarowski, W.S. Zieliński, and W.J. Stec --
The stereochemistry of chiral cyclic phosphorus esters : do theories of bond-forming and bond-breaking approaches healthy the proof? / Thomas D. Inch and C. Richard corridor --
The stereochemical process the alkaline hydrolysis of 1,3,2-oxazaphospholidine-2-thiones / C. Richard corridor and Thomas D. Inch --
Hydrolysis of adenosine 5'-triphosphate : an isotope-labeling examine / Seymour Meyerson, Eugene S. Kuhn, Fausto Ramirez, and James F. Marecek --
Nucleoside phosphorothioates for the learn of enzyme mechanisms / F. Eckstein --
Chiral [¹⁶O, ¹⁷O, ¹⁸O] phosphate monoesters for selecting the stereochemical process phosphokinases / Gordon Lowe, Paul M. Cullis, Richard L. Jarvest, and Barry V.L. Potter --
Syntheses and configurational assignments of thymidine 3'- and 5'-(4-nitrophenyl [¹⁷O, ¹⁸O] phosphates) / Shujaath Mehdi, Jeffrey A. Coderre, and John A. Gerlt --
The mechanism of aldehyde-induced ATPase actions of kinases / W.W. Cleland and Alan R. Rendina --
Kinetic and thermodynamic reviews of yeast inorganic pyrophosphatase / Barry S. Cooperman --
The position of histidine residues and the conformation of sure ATP on ATP-utilizing enzymes / P.R. Rosevear, G.M. Smith, S. Meshitsuka, A.S. Mildvan, P. Desmeules, and G.L. Kenyon --
[¹⁸O/[¹⁶O]³¹P-NMR stories of phosphoryl move enzymes / J.J. Villafranca, F.M. Raushel, R.P. Pillai, M.S. Balakrishnan, C. Debrosse, and T.D. Meek --
capability antiviral nucleotides / D.W. Hutchinson --
Phosphinomethanes : synthesis and reactivity / H.H. Karsch --
instruction and artificial reactions of [alpha]- alkoxyallyl phosphorus ylides / M. Maleki, J.A. Miller, and O.W. Lever, Jr. --
[Alpha]-phosphorylated carbanions : man made beneficial properties / G. Sturtz, B. Corbel, M. Baboulène, and J.J. Yaouanc --
a brand new synthesis of indoles / M. Le Corre, A. Hercouet, and H. Le Baron --
Alkylation when it comes to monomeric and polymeric alkoxyphosphonium salts / Donald W. Hamp and Edward S. Lewis --
a few preparative and mechanistic features of the chemistry of phosphoric acid and thiophosphoric acid chloride betaines / M. Meisel, C. Donath, and H. Grunze --
"Activated" phosphoranes for the cyclodehydration and chlorination of easy diols / S. Woody Bass, Carey N. Barry, Philip L. Robinson, and Slayton A. Evans, Jr. --
N-alkylation of organophosphorus amides : a brand new, handy path to fundamental and secondary amines / A. Zwierzak --
Phosphoric amide reagents / Erik B. Pedersen --
Reversible protecting of acetylcholinesterase via covalent phosphorylation within the presence of a unique cyclic phosphate ester / H. chief, L. Raveh, R. Brukstein, M. Spiegelstein, and Y. Ashani --
[Alpha]-aminophosphonous acids: a brand new category of biologically lively amino acid analogs / E.K. Baylis, C.D. Campbell, J.G. Dingwall, and W. Pickles --
Phosphonodipeptides / Lidia Kupczyk-Subotkowska, Pawel Kafarski, Janusz Kowalik, Barbara Lejczak, Przemyslaw Mastalerz, Józef Oleksyszyn, and Jerzy Szewczyk --
a few points of the chemical synthesis of oligodeoxyribonucleotides / Colin B. Reese and Lydia Valente --
Coupling of fatty diazomethylketones with organophosphorus acids : an method of glycerophospholipid analog synthesis / David A. Marsh and Joseph G. Turcotte --
layout of organophosphorus reagents for peptide synthesis / R. Ramage, B. Atrash, and M.J. Parrott --
the character of the power transduction hyperlinks in mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation / Fausto Ramirez, Shu-I Tu, Prabha R. Chatterji, Hiroshi Okazaki, James F. Marecek, and Brian McKeever --
ADP hydrolysis promoted by means of cobalt(III) / Markus Hediger and Ronald M. Milburn --
PMR measurements of chair-twist conformational equilibria for diastereomeric P-derivatives of thymidine cyclic 3',5'-monophosphate : attainable implications for certainly happening cyclic nucleotides / Alan E. Sopchik, Gurdip S. Bajwa, Keith A. Nelson, and Wesley G. Bentrude --
Phosphonate inhibitors of carboxypeptidase A / Neil E. Jacobsen and Paul A. Bartlett --
"Illicit shipping" structures for organophosphorus antimetabolites / Maqsood Sheikh, Barry Gotlinsky, Burton E. Tropp, Robert Engel, and Thomas Parker --
The training of phosphorus esters and thioesters from white phosphorus / Charles Brown, Robert F. Hudson, Gary A. Wartew, and Harold Coates --
Thermal rearrangement and condensation of O, O-dimethyl-O-phenylphosphorothionate / Herbert Teichmann and Gerhard Schramm --
Synthesis and reactivity of (silylamino)phosphines / Robert H. Neilson, Patty Wisian-Neilson, David W. Morton, and H. Randy O'Neal --
Addition of lithium dialkylcuprates to [alpha], [beta]-unsaturated phosphoryl compounds : nucleophilic homes of adducts / R. Bodalski, T. Michalski, J. Monkiewicz, and K.M. Pietrusiewicz --
Phosphorylated ketenes / O.I. Kolodyazhnyi, V.I. Yakovlev, and V.P. Kukhar --
coaching and homes of N-(Hydroxycarbonylmethyl)aminomethyl alkyl- and arylphosphinic acids and derivatives / Ludwig Maier --
a few elements of aminoalkylphosphonic acids synthesis via the reductive amination strategy / P. Savignac and N. Collignon --
fresh effects on open-chain and cyclic phosphanes and organylphosphanes / Marianne Baudler --
Formation of phosphorus oxoacids with P-P-P-P-P-P and P-P-P-P-P frameworks and similar compounds / Toshio Nakashima, Hirohiko Waki, and Shigeru Ohashi --
NMR characterization of homologous cyclic phosphoramides / Jack E. Richman, Robert B. Flay, and O.D. Gupta --
Synthesis and chemical habit of a few bicyclophosphanes / C. Bonningue, O. Diallo, D. Houalla, A. Klaebe, and R. Wolf --
Reactions of 2,4-bis(4-methoxyphenyl)-1,3,2,4-dithiadiphosphetane 2,4-disulfide / Sven-Olov Lawesson --
Small jewelry with tervalent phosphorus / Ekkehard Fluck and Horst Richter --
The unforeseen formation of 1,2-oxaphosphol-3-ene 2-oxides within the response of diacetone alcohol with phosphonous dihalides / Kurt Moedritzer and Raymond E. Miller --
Dihydrophenophosphazines through the interplay of diarylamines and phosphorus trichloride : purposes and obstacles / Harold S. Freeman and Leon D. Freedman --
Contributions to the chemistry of N-phosphoryl phosphazenes / L. Riesel, E. Herrmann, A. Pfützner, J. Steinbach, and B. Thomas --
Conjugation in phosphazenes: pyrrylphosphazenes and phosphazenyl carbanions / K.D. Gallicano, R.T. Oakley, R.D. Sharma, and N.L. Paddock --
constitution, conformation, and basicity in cyclophosphazenes and comparable compounds / R.A. Shaw and S.N. Nabi --
Phosphazene jewelry and excessive polymers associated with transition metals or biologically energetic natural species / H.R. Allcock --
Polymerization of hexachlorocyclotriphosphazene / John W. Fieldhouse and Daniel F. Graves --
Alkenylfluorocyclotriphosphazenes / Christopher W. Allen, Randall P. vibrant, and Kolikkara Ramachandran --
The reactions of halophosphazenes with organometallic reagents / Paul J. Harris and Harry R. Allcock --
1,2-bis(dichlorophosphino)alkanes / E.H. Uhing and A.D.F. Toy --
items of peracid oxidation of S-alkyl phosphorothiolate insecticides / Yoffi Segall and John E. Casida --
learn on organophosphorus pesticides, synthesis of O-alkyl O-substituted phenyl alkylphosphonothioates / Wu Kiun-Houo, solar Yung-Min, and Wang Sing-Min --
creation of phosphorus into the polyethyleneterephthalate molecule / G. Borisov, ok. Troev, and A. Grozeva --
chosen novel trivalent organophosphorus processing stabilizers for polyolefins / J.D. Spivack, A. Patel, and L.P. Steinhuebel --
Oligomeric phosphorus esters with flame retardant application / Edward D. Weil, Ralph B. Fearing, and Fred Jaffe. Crystalline calcium polyphosphate fibers / E.J. Griffith --
Fluorination of phosphoapatites : attainable adjustments in their constitution / G. Montel, G. Bonel, J.C. Heughebaert, M. Vignoles, M. Hamad, and G. Bacquet --
photograph- and thermo-coloring of diminished phosphate glasses / Y. Abe, R. Ebisawa, D.E. Clark, and L.L. Hench --
A gel chromatographic learn at the interactions of long-chain polyphosphate anions with magnesium ions / Tohru Miyajima, Toshimitsu Onaka, and Shigeru Ohashi --
Phosphaalkenes, R₂C=PR', and phosphaalkynes, RC:::P / H.W. Kroto and J.F. Nixon --
fresh advancements within the chemistry of dicoordinated phosphorus radicals and cations / S.G. Baxter, A.H. Cowley, R.A. Kemp, S.K. Mehrotra, and J.C. Wilburn --
³¹P NMR investigations on dicoordinated phosphorus compounds in P(II) = C-P(III) structures / R. Appel, V. Barth, H. Kunze, B. Laubach, V. Paulen, and F. Knoll --
Synthesis and houses of phosphaalkenes / T.A. Van Der Knaap, T.C. Klebach, F. Visser, R. Lourens, and F. Bickelhaupt --
Routes to dicoordinated phosphorus compounds / okay. Issleib, H. Oehme, H. Schmidt, and G.-R. Vollmer --
Reactions of 2,4,6-tri(t-butyl)phenyllithium with phosphorus halides / Masaaki Yoshifuji, Ichiro Shima, and Naoki Inamoto --
Synthesis of recent dicoordinated phosphorus compounds with a P(III)=N bond / C. Malavaud, L. Lopez, T. N'gando M'pondo, M.T. Boisdon, Y. Charbonnel, and J. Barrans --Cyano anions of dicoordinated, tricoordinated, tetracoordinated, pentacoordinated, and hexacoordinated phosphorus / Alfred Schmidpeter, Franz Zwaschka, and William S. Sheldrick --
coaching, reactions, and buildings of a few N, N'-dimethylurea-bridged phosphorus compounds / Norbert Weferling and Reinhard Schmutzler --
A strong monocyclic triarylalkoxyhydridophosphorane / A 10-P-5 species with an apical P-H bond --
Michael R. Ross and J.C. Martin --
Monocyclic phosphoranide and phosphoranoxide anions : P(V) oxyphosphorane carbanion --
P(IV) ylide alkoxide tautomerism / Itshak Granoth, Rivka Alkabets, Ezra Shirin, Yair Margalit, and Peter Bell --
Selectivity in reactions of tricyclic phosphatranes / D. Van Aken, I.I. Merkelbach, J.H.H. Hamerlinck, P. Schipper, and H.M. greenback --
The perfluoropinacolyl crew : a stabilizing substituent for strange phosphites and phosphoranes / Gerd-Volker Röschenthaler, Rainer Bohlen, and Werner Storzer --
Tartaric acid in phosphorus chemistry : phosphor emetics and oligomers / A. Munoz, L. Lamandé, M. Koenig, and R. Wolf --
Nucleophilic substitution at pentacoordinated phosphorus : addition-elimination mechanism / A. Skowrońska, J. Stanek-Gwara, and M. Nowakowski --
steel chelates of aminoalkylphosphonic acids : stabilities, homes, and reactions / Arthur E. Martell --
Transition VIB steel [pi]-complexes of [lambda]³- and [lambda]⁵-phosphorins and a few in their reactions / okay. Dimroth --
Synthesis of transition steel phosphoranides : conversion of bicyclic phosphoranes into phosphoranides and phosphane adducts with transition steel derivatives / J.G. Riess, F. Jeanneaux, P. Vierling, J. Wachter, and A. Grand --
Secondary phosphino macrocyclic ligands / Evan P. Kyba and Heinz H. Heumüller --
Dicoordinated and tricoordinated acyclic phosphazenes as complicated ligands / O.J. Scherer, H. Jungmann, and R. Konrad --
steel complexes of amino(cyclophosphazenes) / V. Chandrasekhar, S.S. Krishnamurthy, and M. Woods --
Structural and magnetic research on transition steel complexes with tripodal polytertiary phosphines / L. Sacconi --
using alkylaminobis(difluorophosphines) as ligands to stabilize novel binuclear complexes / J.H. Kim, K.S. Raghuveer, T.W. Lee, L. Norskov-Lauritzen, V. Kumar, M.G. Newton, and R.B. King --
New elements of the coordination chemistry of carbonyl phosphines / Edith F. Landvatter and Thomas B. Rauchfuss --
New chiral aminophosphine ligands : program to catalytic uneven C-C bond formation / Gérard Buono, Christian Triantaphylides, Gilbert Peiffer, André Mortreux, and Francis Petit --
31P NMR reviews of catalytic intermediates in triphenylphosphine rhodium advanced hydroformylation structures / Alexis A. Oswald, Joseph S. Merola, Edmund J. Mozeleski, Rodney V. Kastrup, and John C. Reisch --
New facts at the mechanism of the Perkow-Arbuzov response / László Tőke, Imre Petneházy, Győngyi Szakál, Harry R. Hudson, Luba Powroznyk, and Christopher J. Cooksey --
constitution and reactivity of quasiphosphonium intermediates / H.R. Hudson, A.T.C. Kow, and ok. Henrick --
Reactions of triorganosilyl halides with esters of tricoordinated and tetracoordinated phosphorus / J. Chojnowski, M. Cypryk, J. Michalski, and L. Wozniak --
Halogenolysis of the phosphorus-sulfur bond in thioloesters of natural phosphorus thioacids / B. Krawiecka, J. Michalski, and E. Tadeusiak --
Isotope results in amination reactions of chlorocyclophosphazenes / J.M.E. Goldschmidt, R. Halevi, and E. Licht --
Zwitterionic [sigma]-complexes : their function as intermediates in phosphorylation of aromatics through phosphorus compounds / Y. Gololobov and P. Onys'ko --
Use of X-ray structural effects on phosphorus compounds in modeling response mechanisms / Robert R. Holmes, Judith C. Gallucci, and Joan A. Deiters --
Ligand results at the response of alkoxide ions with organophosphorus derivatives containing a number of leaving teams / Kenneth E. Debruin, Charles E. Ebersole, Morgan M. Hughes, and David M. Johnson --
Methanolysis of a phosphate ester / William S. Wadsworth, Jr. --
Reactivity of tricoordinated phosphorus compounds : a mechanistic examine with numerous substrates / C. Dennis corridor, Robert C. Edwards, John R. Lloyd, Paul D. Beer, Philip J. Hammond, Alberto O. D'amorim, and Melvin P. Melrose --
a brand new stereospecific synthesis of a P(III) organophosphorus ester / Leonard J. Szafraniec, Linda L. Szafraniec, and Herbert S. Aaron --
A unmarried crystal X-ray diffraction research of (1R,1'S)-1,1'-ethylenebis(1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-4,4-dimethyl-1-phenylphosphinolinium) diperchlorate / Narayanasamy Gurusamy, ok. Darrell Berlin, Dick Van Der Helm, and M. Bilayet Hossain --
Stereochemical research of chiral onium hexaarylphosphates / G.P. Schiemenz and J. Pistor --
Spectroscopy of phosphorus compounds : d[pi]-p[pi] bonding results at the 31P NMR chemical shifts of N-aryliminophosphoranes / Philip C. Murphy and John C. Tebby --
¹H, ¹⁹F, ³¹P, and ¹³C NMR research of diphosphanes and triphosphanes / J.P. Albrand and C. Taïeb --
crucial ³¹P chemical shift tensor elements as decided by way of reliable country NMR / J.P. Dutasta, J.B. Robert, and L. Wiesenfeld --
software of the ¹⁸O shift at the ³¹P NMR spectrum to the elucidation of biochemical phosphate move mechanisms / Frank Jordan, Salvatore J. Salamone, and Alice L. Wang --
Phospholipase A2 hydrolysis of phospholipids : use of ³¹P NMR to review the hydrolysis, acyl migration, regiospecific synthesis, and solubilization of phospholipids / Andreas Plũckthun and Edward A. Dennis --
Photolytic rearrangement of phosphorus, germanium, and silicon azides : proof for brand spanking new hybridized species / J.P. Majoral, G. Bertrand, A. Baceiredo, and P. Mazerolles --
Diphenylphosphinous acid through UV irradiation of aroyl diphenyl phosphines / okay. Praefcke and M. Dankowski --
Chemical version displaying 3 phenomena : phosphorane [yields] ylide, ylide [yields] phosphorane, and phosphorane [equilibrium] ylide / Ramon Burgada, Yves Leroux, and Y.O. El Khoshnieh --
Base-catalyzed reactions of phosphonomethylphosphinates, bis(phosphonomethyl)phosphinates, and bis(phosphonomethyl)phosphinic amides with aldehydes / W. Franklin Gilmore and Joon Sup Park --
Structure-reactivity stories on oxygen-containing phosphorus-based ligands / Yuan Chengye, Ye Weizhen, Zhou Chengming, and Hui Yongzheng --
Phosphoric and carboxylic amides : comparability of bonding and reactivity / Tomasz A. Modro.

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PHOSPHORUS CHEMISTRY 66 Enol Phosphates When the fragmentations yielding monomeric methyl metaphosphate (8,9) or metaphosphate ion (10) are carried out in the presence of 2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidine in acetophenone as solvent, the major products are the enol phosphates. Presumably the processes take place by i n i t i a l attack of the monomeric metaphosphates on the carbonyl group of the ketone. Exchange of C=0 for C=N Monomeric metaphosphate ion will also activate the carbonyl group of esters (10).

Scheme I 11 X" Li + SCO I >P — CH-R I — I ο— ο H II I X Li — 0 A + >P(X)0H + RCHO 8 >P — CH — 0 2 >PCH0Li X=0,S H >P(X)CH(R)0H 6(a) With rega rd to the phosphorus stereochemi s t r y , a new stereospeci fi c synthesi s o f chi ral 0 , 0 - d i a l k y l thiophosphori c acids (6,J7) has been developed whi ch i s based on the Horner-Wi t t ig rea­ ct i on of the opt i c a l l y a c t i ve phosphonothionate carbanions con tai ni ng the s u l f o x i de o r di t h i o a c e t a l m o i e t i e s . ) best i l l u s ­ t r â t e s thi s method.

L'Abbé, G. and Smets, G. Tetrahedron, 1973, 29, 195. 6. Vaultier, M. S. and Carrié, R. , II, 1980, RECEIVED 633. July 7, 1981. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1981. 11 Phosphonates Containing Sulfur and Selenium: Synthesis, Reactions, and New Applications M . MIKOŁAJCZYK, S. GRZEJSZCZAK, W. M I D U R A , M . P O P I E L A R C Z Y K , and J. OMELAŃCZUK Center of Molecular and Macromolecular Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences, Depart­ ment of Organic Sulfur Compounds, 90-362 Łódź, Boczna 5, Poland The ambident behaviour of sulfur in terms of its ability to stabi1ize adjacent negativ de this element a focal point for new reagents and reactions (1).

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