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By Hans-Georg Gadamer

This glorious assortment comprises thirteen essays from Gadamer's Kleine Schriften, facing hermeneutical mirrored image, phenomenology, existential philosophy, and philosophical hermeneutics. Gadamer applies hermeneutical research to Heidegger and Husserl's phenomenology, an strategy that proves serious and instructive.

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While Heidegger's refl ection has concentrated more and more on the p oet and the philoso­ pher, seemingly abandoning the humanistic disciplines to technology , Gadamer 's aim , as these essays d e m onstra te, is to bring Heidegger 's later philosophy to bear on the whole range liv E D I T O R ' S INT R O D U C TI O N o f interpretive disciplines that constitute the humanistic and social sciences. " It seem s to m e , " Gadamer de clares, "that it is po ssible t o bring t o ex p ression within the hermeneutical consciousness itsel f Heidegger 's statements concerning 'being ' and the line of inquiry he develo p ed out of the experience of the 'turn, ' and I have carried out this attempt in Tru th and M etho d.

3 5 . T. 4 . 024. 3 6 . Wittgenstein , The Blue B o o k (Oxford : Blackwell, 1 9 60), p . 5 . 3 7 . PI, I , 6 6 . 3 8 . PI, I , 5 ; c f . The Blue Book. p . 1 7 . 3 9 . Su Z, p p . 1 6 7- 1 6 8 . 40. P . 1 7 7 . 4 1 . PI, I , 77 ; also cf. PI, I, 7 . 42. Cf. PI, 1 , 2 1 9 : When I o bey a ru le , I do n o t ch o o se . I o b e y the rule blindly. " Cf. also PI, I, 1 9 8 , 2 0 6 , 2 1 7 . 4 3 . Cf. Hegel , Th e Scien ce of L ogic ( London : George Allen & Unwin , 1 9 5 1 ) , vol . I , p p . 36-3 7 , 67 ff.

Here we can recall Gadamer's indictment of the "naIvete of asser­ tions" in "The Philosophical Found ations o f the Twentieth Century. " Difficulties in interpre ting Heidegger's philosophy begin wit h determining the relation of his own magn um opus to this critique o f Western thought, for Being and Time seems to represent precisely the radical subjectivism and "humanism " Heidegger is attacking. Heidegger's determination to interpret Dasein 's mode of being out of itself and to m ake its fini­ tude - its temporality - the horizon for the question of being and truth is, as Walter Schulz has skillfully argued, 6 0 its e l f the culmination of Western m etaphysics as subj ec­ tivism : B eing an d truth seem to have their final ground in the horizon of Dasein 's finite proj ects.

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