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By Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka

Transcendental phenomenology presumed to have conquer the vintage mind-body dichotomy when it comes to cognizance. may still we certainly dissolve the specificity of human realization by way of explaining human event in its a number of sense-giving modalities throughout the physiological features of the mind? the current selection of experiences addresses this important query tough such "naturalizing" reductionism from a number of angles.

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Furthermore, he concentrated on choosing the most suitable place and climate for his life. ”18 It was sickness that allowed Nietzsche slowly to liberate himself from everything: it gave him the right to completely change habits, it ordered him to forget, it gave him the need to rest, to be idle, to wait, to be patient, in a word, to think. 20 Certainly, Nietzsche points out, only an individual or a people that altogether is still strong and healthy can bring into its midst the infection of the new and incorporate it to its advantage, giving rise to untried “mutations” 6 DANIELA VERDUCCI that strengthen the human.

2 But on the other hand, the perceptual life of animals is never strictly comparable to our own, since the human order integrates perceptual life into a larger dialectic and effectively transforms it. Thus, “Man can never be an animal; his life is always more or less integrated than that of an animal” (SB, 196/181). Furthermore, structure, as ultimate reality, is understood as the intentional correlate of perceptual consciousness, which in the end is treated as one level of human consciousness.

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