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By Linda Regan

A convicted assassin is out of criminal, to the horror of six ladies enthusiastic about his crime two decades in the past. Then, they have been seedy nightclub strippers. Now, a few of them have much to lose. are murdered, a crimson g-string crammed in every one mouth. And DI Paul Banham unearths not anyone has a cast iron alibi. ""Furious speed and taut suspense supply lots of repayment for enthusiasts of edgy, hardboiled fare."" --Booklist

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Blood from the wounds in her head had slid down her forehead, congealing around a colony of maggots over the holes that once were eyes. Other overfed insects that had feasted on her now lay dead in the rotting remains of her open throat. Bulging from her disintegrated mouth was a piece of rotting, discoloured fabric. A thin, blood-drenched ribbon hung from one side of the blackened lip, making her look almost vampire-like. Even in the winter gloom Banham could see she looked Asian; her hair, now grey with dirt, had been black and her skin light brown.

Katie picked up her satchel bag. “I’m going to confront him. ” Olivia grabbed her small holdall. Susan raised a hand. “Let’s all go. There’s just one of him and six of us. ” Theresa nodded. “I’ve got to have my money tonight. If he refuses, we’ll take him hostage and just grab it. He keeps it in his top drawer. ” She looked at Shaheen and shook her head sadly. “I don’t know why you don’t just go home to your parents. ” Shaheen started to cry again. “But I do. ” “If you needed it like we do, you’d have agreed to Ahmed’s terms and humiliated yourself like we’ve all had to,” said Olivia with a touch of acid.

Still, she had to have those videos back no matter what the cost. It was the guilt that had kept them together, the girls from the Scarlet Pussy Club. They’d remained friends ever since that dreadful night, supporting each other through all their ups and downs. All except Shaheen Hakhti. She was the only one of them that had a decent start in life, yet she had done nothing to help either Theresa or Kim. Poor Kim had gone into a depression and become addicted to tranquillisers; one thing led to another, and she finished up injecting heroin.

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