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By Dan I. Moldovan (Auth.)

This textual content presents one of many broadest shows of parallel
processing to be had, together with the constitution of parallel
processors and parallel algorithms. The emphasis is on mapping
algorithms to hugely parallel pcs, with huge insurance of
array and multiprocessor architectures. Early chapters provide
insightful assurance at the research of parallel algorithms and
program alterations, successfully integrating a spread of
material formerly scattered in the course of the literature. conception and
practice are good balanced throughout varied subject matters during this concise
presentation. For unheard of readability and comprehension, the author
presents complicated fabric in geometric graphs in addition to algebraic
notation. every one bankruptcy contains well-chosen examples, tables
summarizing comparable key techniques and definitions, and a wide range
of labored exercises.

* review of universal and theoretical versions, including
set of rules features and impediments to speedy functionality

* research of information dependencies and inherent parallelism through
software examples, construction from basic to complex

* image and explanatory assurance of application transformations

* Easy-to-follow presentation of parallel processor structures
and interconnection networks, together with parallelizing and
restructuring compilers

* Parallel synchronization equipment and kinds of parallel
working systems

* exact descriptions of hypercube systems

* really expert chapters on dataflow and on AI architectures

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The elements of matrix X are input to the array in row-wise order and move from left to right. They meet (at the "right time" ) the elements of matrix Y and produce partial products that are summed together to produce the elements of matrix Z. 3. A . A multiprocessor is capable of a 100-Mflop peak execution rate. Scalar code is processed at a 1-Mflop rate. W h a t is the performance of this machine when 10 percent of the code is scalar and 90 percent of the code is fully parallel? Solution. 4. A .

11) To increase the speedup, we need to minimize the denominator of this expression by reducing the effects of synchronization, overhead, and the number of steps. The synchronization effect caused by ts/(Nt) may be reduced either by decreasing the synchronization time ts or by increasing the product Nt, meaning larger intervals between synchronizations. The overhead effect caused by t0/t may be reduced by decreasing the overhead time £0 °r by increasing the task granularity i. Note that large task granularity helps to reduce the effects of both synchronization and overhead.

Especially in parallel processing, the system-level design must deal with MAIN ISSUES FOR FUTURE RESEARCH IN PARALLEL PROCESSING 43 hierarchical levels of abstractions. The development of such a theory requires efforts ranging from heuristics to new mathematics. A systemlevel design theory might make it possible to: • Compare computers and computer performances; • Match computer features with applications; • Perform design tradeoffs; • Balance design and eliminate bottlenecks; • Relate computer design to principles of physics, energy, ecology, and other disciplines; and • Facilitate rapid prototyping.

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