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By Eleazar Birnbaum

There are over 275 Ottoman Turkish and Çaĝatay manuscripts in Canada, together with greater than 2 hundred within the number of Professor Eleazar Birnbaum. those are awesome when it comes to age (mostly fifteenth to seventeenth century) and topic diversity. The descriptions during this catalogue are strangely precise: they comprise writer, identify, topic, contents, first and final phrases, date of manuscript, calligraphy, foliation, dimensions, and the positioning of comparable manuscripts in other places. between different distinct good points are information of watermark designs within the paper (useful for courting undated manuscripts), descriptions of seals and notes of past vendors, and lots of color illustrations. additionally describes all Turkish manuscripts within the 3 different small Canadian collections: on the collage of Toronto, McGill collage (Montreal), and the Royal Ontario Museum

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No. 967 (vol. 1 only [cop. 908], and no. 1435 [cop. 1052], see ‘Burnt Books,’ nos 21–22). The following MSS (noted in Türkiye Diyanet Vakfı İslam Araştırmaları Merkezi (“İSAM”) database of MSS in İstanbul libraries) are mostly in Turkish, but some may be in Arabic and Persian; most of these MSS are not complete sets but only individual volumes of the Ottoman translation: İstanbul Belediye [no. “000000” (sic)] cilt 1–2 (cop. 1141); Belediye 2-Orta, tr. Nasuḥ Matraḳçı; Belediye, M. Cevdet 40-Orta (cilt 1–3); M.

2 cm, facing first line of text; (2) on flyleaf preceding f. G. Ellis (1858–1942), an Orientatlist librarian at the India Office Library, London and later at the British Museum Library. His collection of printed books and MSS was sold to Luzac booksellers in London in 1943; (4) E. Birnbaum bought this MS from Luzac in April 1955. Binding: Brown leather over paper pasteboard; both front and back covers have central blind stamped scalloped medallions, outlined and highlighted in gold paint. Binding is probably original, 16th century, but is now disbound, the sewing having largely disintegrated.

1 begins (p.  .  )p.  ���‫� �عي‬ ‫) ب�و ���ق��ي��ر �ض‬p.  . � ‫ك‬ � � ‫ل‬ � ‫ر‬ ‫ر‬ ‫��ه ا و ل بِ ي و و م و ي ِر ي ِر �ذِ كِر ي ر‬ 1. T53 / V–2. t81 2, T81 Ṭaberī, [Tercüme-i] Tevārīẖ-i Ṭaberī. Volumes 1–3 of a 14th–15th-century Old Ottoman version of Balʿamī’s 10th century Persian abridgement of Ṭaberi’s Arabic text; page 793 (end of volume 2). 5 6 A. History Vol. 2 ends (p. 793) ‫ح�� ا ل���غم��ا �ز � ا �ص‬ ‫�ك�ز د ر د د �ى ب�و ر وا ��يت��لر �ص‬ ‫) دك�ل�د ر �ص‬sic( ��‫ح‬ � � � ‫ح�ا ب� ا �ل‬ � ‫��ك�ه��ف� ��س‬ � ‫و �ص�ا � ب‬ ‫�ي‬ ‫ح�ي‬ ‫ح‬ ّ ‫�ش‬ ‫) ت�م�ا ا و �ل�د � ا �ص‬sic( ������‫� ن‬ � � ‫ي��د ��ي‬ ‫ ت�وا ري�خ ط��بر ��ي ن��ك اي� ك‬.

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