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By David Nicolle

The Ottoman Empire used to be inheritor to the architectural traditions not just of the Byzantine Empire but in addition to these of the medieval Islamic center East. Having realized from those, the Ottomans created a fusion of army architectural kinds to which they further what they discovered from their later medieval and early smooth ecu opponents. This booklet explores the old history, socio-political conditions and reasons of Ottoman army structure, and divulges the incorporation of many various traditions that resulted in particular advancements in shape, functionality and ornament of those amazing buildings. one of the parts lined are city fortifications and the position of towns, frontier fortresses and the position of the Janissaries, garrison citadels as seats of strength, and the position of small forts in preserving significant communications, alternate and pilgrimage routes.

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Dh of Illoney-raising property. Parallel trench 63 INDEX References to illustrations are shown in bold. 53. 53 Liman fort 57 al-Alali fortified house 56 Albania 13-14,28 Algiers: fortifications 24-25; Mosque of the Fishers 24 Ali 45 Amasya 33 Anadolu Hisari (castle) 8-9, 11,43,57 Anamllf castle S, 15 Anatolia 9, \5, 17,31-32,33,36,37,53 Andrews, K. 9 Gallipoli 8,8,42-43 garrison organization 33-35,37 garrison troops 34-36,37,39 0 Genoese 7 Girokastcr fortified housc 16 Golubae fortress 13,14 Gradi ka paltlllka fort 27 Giivercin Adasi castle 7 army units 35-36 Astrakhan, Khanate of 45 Athas, MOUllt, monasteries of 13,27 Azov 37,40,41,45 Baghdad, AZ3miye Kalcsi fort 54 Bakhchysarai palace 20 Bashtove fortress 13-14,14 Bayezid I, Sultan 8,42 Belgrade 21, 36, 40, 49 Bigali Kalesi (fort) 53,54 Bilhorod-Dnislrovs'ky castle 20,20,40 Bone (al-Anabas) 48 Bosphoros Strait 8-9,11,43,47,53,57 Bueharesl (Bekrish) 27 Buda 21 Bursa 5.

54 Enveri 15 Erlerum 40, 45 Esztergon 21, 23 64 ha-Cohen, Joseph 23 Haci Ivaz 16-17 Hajj forls 18,25,25,27,34,54,60 Hapsburgs 21,29,44,48,49 I-Iarim castle 18 Heberstcin, Adam FreihclT von 28 Hersek- ova fortress 44 Hillenbrand, Prof. 58 Izmir 15 Iznik 41 Jaffa 29 Janissaries 35,36,37,39,43-44 Jedda 18,52 Jerusalem, Mamluk Citadel 23,23-24, 54, 56; Bab Sin Maryam 23 Jijel (Gigiri) 48 John VI, Emperor 8 John VII, Emperor 15 Jordan 56,60 Kale-i Sullaniye forlress (Canakkale) 11-12,17, 28,29,31,41,49,53 Kamianels Podolsky 40,41 Kanizsa 37 Kanli Kule fortress 42 Kara Baba fortress 53 Kars 53,57,59 Kasim Pa a 32,45 Kavalla aqueduct 15 Kayseri 34,35 Kiel, Maehiel 9 Kilidiilbahir fortress \1, 12, 13.

Avariz Tax levied in wartime or for the construction of a fortress. Beden Crenellation. Oda Room. Beylik Small domain, independent or vassal of a greater state. Palanka Fortification mad of \mh fill 'd wooden palisades. Cami Mosque for congregational Friday prayers. Saray Palace. Cebeei Armourer. Serhad Frontier zone. Cebehane Armoury. Derbendci Guardians of roads and passes. Tabiyye Redoubt. Gedik Listing in a garrison or muster payroll. dh of Illoney-raising property. Parallel trench 63 INDEX References to illustrations are shown in bold.

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