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With each “reform scheme,” the Ottoman elites saw an increase in encroachment by one or the other foreign power that added further complication to an already checkered situation. 1 In addition to political difficulties, there were also deeper economic and strategic forces at work that militated against Ottoman endeavors to arrest the looming likelihood of a total disintegration. e. the extraterritorial concessions to foreigners in commercial, judicial, and criminal affairs, upon the empire’s socioeconomic fabric and domestic cohesion.

The British Foreign Office estimated the Armenian population in 1912 in Thrace and Asia Minor vilayets of the Ottoman Empire, including Sivas and Trabzon but excluding the provinces in eastern Anatolia, at 673,600. 31 During the reform program of 1912–14, British officials did not think that population figures put forth by the Armenian leaders were trustworthy. They considered these overblown demographic claims as deliberate attempts to justify political aspirations for territory. The Armenian bishop at Erzurum provided the British consul with figures of Armenian population as over one million in the six vilayets.

6’20154--dc23 2015012254 ISBN: 978-1-138-91402-5 (hbk) ISBN: 9-781-315-69106-0 (ebk) Typeset in Times New Roman by Saxon Graphics Limited, Derby Contents List of tables Introduction 1 On the eve of the Great War British diplomacy and the Armenian crisis of 1912–14 Missionary America and Ottoman Armenians 2 War, humanitarian relief, and propaganda (1914–17) British war aims and Ottoman Armenians American policy and its response to the relocation of Ottoman Armenians British propaganda and American involvement Wellington House and American missionaries 3 America at war and the resurrection of the Armenian question (1917–18) Non-belligerents at war: America and the Ottoman Empire British pressure and the revival of the Armenian question 4 New vs.

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