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Built competition has proved as manageable a space of study as conventional antonymy, and a great tool in ideologically oriented texts. This booklet investigates how binary oppositions are developed discursively and the capability ideological repercussions in their utilization in information experiences within the British press. the focal point is especially at the confident presentation of teams and participants subsumed Read more...


Investigates how binary oppositions are constructeddiscursively and the way they're utilized in information studies within the British press. Read more...

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The effectiveness of methods to determine the status of opposites is discussed in Chapter Two and a discussion of the lexical and conceptual relations of equivalence and difference forms the focus of Chapter Four. 2 Recognizing non-canonical oppositions Challenging the assumed stability of opposites is fundamental to the approach taken in this book. Not only do I argue that opposites deemed relatively conventional, such as ‘town’/‘country’, can contribute in news texts to the construction of a reality as polarized, but that any pairs of words, phrases and even clauses can also be treated as oppositional, given the appropriate syntactic environment.

This time there is also a word in italics which, I argue in Chapter Three, contributes to the triggering of an opposition. 9 are slogans carried by ‘Countryside Alliance’ and ‘Stop the War Coalition’ protestors respectively. 8, the words ‘cowshit’ and ‘bullshit’ (the asterisks are in the original text) are also being treated as opposites owing to the parallelism of the syntactic structure. In view of the fact that ‘cow’ and ‘bull’ are conventionally oppositional in the sense that they refer to the female and male of the bovine species, this does not seem to be particularly problematic until one considers that (1) it is likely that the excrement of bovine creatures is rarely, if ever treated in terms of opposites, and (2) obviously we are meant to interpret ‘bullshit’ in its idiomatic sense as meaning ‘nonsense’ or ‘lies’.

The next section will further explore definitions of opposition by examining the various categories and subcategories which have been proposed by writers on lexical semantics in the previous studies. 4 Categorizing opposition Categories and subcategories of opposition abound. They are treated extensively for instance in Lyons (1977), Cruse (1986, 2004), and Murphy (2003), and it is the intention in this study to describe and assess them only briefly. Categorizations are often problematic in that it is tempting to treat the terms and concepts that lie within them as fixed in these categories.

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