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By Lisa Jewell

Bee Bearhorn had a number-one hit unmarried in 1985 and used to be by no means heard of back. Fifteen years later she is located lifeless in her flat and no-one turns out to care yet Ana Wills constantly day-dreamed concerning the unique half-sister she hasn't visible in years. And while she involves London to transparent Bee's flat, she uncovers a lifestyles extra unique than she imagined: a mystery state cottage, mysterious weekends away, or even a lacking cat. With Bee's closest associates mad Lol and powerful, silent Flint Ana units out to find precisely what did occur to Bee Bearhorn, the one-hit ask yourself

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Any friend of John’s was a friend of hers. ” “John? Goodness. That’s an unusual name for a cat. ” Bee stuck a finger between the bars of John’s carrier and played with the fluff on his chest. “He’s an English blue. And he’s the best boy in the world. ” John rubbed himself against her finger, purring loudly. ” Bee asked, addressing the small, bizarrely shaped dog sitting at the old lady’s feet.  7 know but thought it only polite, having discussed her own pet in such detail. ” exclaimed Bee. ” “He loves Queen, would you believe?

And you can choose where to go. We could have tea at Dingle’s. ” She smiled wryly. “Hmm,” said Gay, “we’ll see. And for God’s sake, stand up straight, will you?  34 air like a baboon. ” Bee smiled defeatedly but with a certain amount of amusement and straightened herself out. “Bye, Mum, bye, Bill,” she said, patting the side of the car. “Have a safe journey. I’ll be in touch soon. ” She peered into the back window and screwed up her face at Ana. ” And then, as Bill carefully maneuvered the car out of the parking space and headed toward the exit, Bee turned around and sauntered away from them.

These, all my flats‌—all short-term‌—but all fully rented‌—365 days a year. Here. Here and here. Famous London stage actress, here. Here‌—a lord. ” Ana didn’t really have any idea what he was talking about, but she nodded politely anyway. Mr. Arif slipped a key from a very large bunch into the lock of flat number twenty-seven, swung open the door, and flicked on the light switch. “Here all day with the police and such and who knows what on the day that we found her. A bad day. A very bad day. Four days she’d been here.

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