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By Randy Wayne White

Randy Wayne White's document Ford novels were praised as "witty" (San Diego Union-Tribune), "must-reads" (Chicago Tribune) and "superb." (Denver put up) Now, White's latest mystery takes document Ford to Havana, the place his pal is being held via the Cuban executive. nonetheless haunted through his suspected involvement in a plot opposed to Castro, Ford ventures to Cuba--where he reveals himself entangled in an online of homicide, revenge, and assassination. * >From the writer of the severely acclaimed novel Captiva (Prime Crime, 5/97) * one other secret that includes Randy Wayne White's document Ford is at the manner * Will attract fanatics of Carl Hiaasen and John D. Macdonald * "We'll drop something we are doing to learn a brand new Randy White novel and be pleased we did." --Denver put up

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Tomlinson was calling, he said, from the Hotel Nacional, the old Meyer Lansky casino and brothel in downtown Havana, built during prohibition to service America's thirsty leisure class. It was his fifth night in the hotel, but he was thinking of switching to the Havana Libre up the street. At a rack rate of two hundred bucks a night, neither he nor his female companion could afford the Nacional much longer, and it had taken him that long to figure out a way to contact me. "The phone system here," he said, "is not unlike whacking off.

Dewey had stripped down to orange Spandex running shorts and matching Spandex running bra. With her blue visor cap turned backwards, blond hair swinging, she might have been modeling high-tech running gear. As we jogged along the shell lane that leads from Dinkin's Bay Marina to Sanibel's main road, I said, "I'll try to keep track of how many cars honk at us. " "Those bastards, I hate it when cars honk. " Geeze-oh-Katy—a new expression she was using. Sounded girlish and homey. " She glanced over at me.

A curiously intense reserve that made me want to push it. She reminded me of some troubled adolescent who, driven by self-consciousness, was fronting stratagems to deflect entrance into her private, unhappy world. I tapped her chin to emphasize my concern. "Let's have it. You come in here full of bluster, determined to make me believe that you're happy as hell, not a care in the world. But you've got raccoon eyes, and you don't get jet lag flying from New York to Florida. Plus your voice is a little shaky and your attention keeps wandering, and you're trying way, way too hard to imitate the Old Dewey.

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