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By E. F. K. Koerner, Matsuji Tajima, Carlos Peregrín Otero

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Repr. ), and in 1981k. Translation : "Alcuni problemi controversi di teoría fonologica", transl. into Italian by Dario Corno, and published in 1977e (pp. 36-91) . ) "Three Models for the Description of Language", "On Certain Formal Properties of Gram­ mars", and "Finite State Languages". Readings ematical Psychology in Math­ ed. by R(obert) Duncan Luce, Ro­ bert R. 105124, 125-55, and 156-71. New York: J. Wiley & Sons. Republications of 1956b, 1959a, and 1958a 1966a Cartesian rationalist Linguistics thought.

Henning appeared in La linguistique contemporaine ed. by Jean-Claude Pa­ riente & Gabriel Bès, 31-34, under the title of "Do­ cument 7 / Structure superficielle et structure pro­ fonde". Paris: Presses Universitaires de France. 1969b "Comments on [Gilbert] Herman's Reply". Language Philosophy : A symposium and ed . by Sidney Hook, 152-59. New York: New York Univ. Press. Cf. 1969a (above). Translation: "Harman no kotae ni tsuite", transl. into Japanese by Saburo Ohye, and published in Gengo to shiso, 156-63.

R o l l i n , 1 7 6 - 9 5 . The H a g u e : M o u t o n , 1 9 7 5 , 197 p p . 176-79 (1972) W ( a l t e r ) Keith P e r c i v a l , "On the N o n - E x i s t e n c e of C a r t e s i a n L i n g u i s t i c s " , Cartesian Studies ed. by R. J. B u t l e r , 1 3 7 - 4 5 . Oxford: B. B l a c k w e l l , 1 9 7 2 Jürgen M ( i c h a e l ) M e i s e l , "Noam Chomskys U m w ä l z u n g der Sprachwissenschaft", Linguistische Perspektiven ed. by A b r a h a m P. ten Cate and Peter J o r d e n s , 1-20 ( p a s s i m ) .

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