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By Marilyn Nissim-Sabat

In Neither sufferer nor Survivor: considering towards a brand new Humanity, Marilyn Nissim-Sabat bargains a finished critique of the interrelated suggestions of "victim" and "survivor" as they've been ideologically distorted in Western idea. Nissim-Sabat proposes phenomenological angle empowers us to beat the anti-human effects of either victimization of people and peoples and the ideological distortions of suggestions that aid to perpetuate that victimization.

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Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan (New York: Collier Books, 1962), 100. 14. For a history of such efforts, as well as a recent, highly interesting attempt to synthesize Marxism and psychoanalysis, see V. E. Wolfenstein, The Victims of Democracy: Malcolm X and the Black Revolution (London: Free Associations, 1990), and Psychoanalytic Marxism: Groundwork (New York: Guilford, 1993). See also chapter 6, this volume. 15. Recent interpretations of Fanon have shown that rather than locating whiteblack relations at the level of Hegel’s master-slave dialectic, the colonial order constituted the black at the prior level of sensuous immediacy.

V-4: Beyond Ideology Let us begin by examining again the paradigmatic example of the female victim of spousal or “significant other” abuse in order to pose critically the key question. Usually, the abuser begins with a campaign to isolate the victim from acquaintances, friends, and family members. During the initial stages of this campaign, presumably, the victim is not yet thoroughly indoctrinated. How is it that she does not see and/or consciously experience (1) that the demands of the abuser are unreasonable and threatening to her, and (2) that she can opt out of the abusive relationship?

Now we can see that the naive empiricism of V-1 consists in the view that the object—a tornado or a volcanic eruption—is an event so radically external to its victims that blame (including victim self-blame) for loss of life and immense suffering is rendered unthinkable. Blame and self-blame are rendered unthinkable because of the understanding that the traumatic effect of tornadoes does not derive from a succumbing to internalized trauma inflicted by other persons, or trauma for which anyone is responsible.

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