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Protect (pruh-TEHKT) to guard against harm or danger. reservation (reh-zuhr-VAY-shuhn) a piece of land set aside by the government for Native Americans to live on. ritual (RIH-chuh-wuhl) a formal act or set of acts that is repeated. slave a person who is bought and sold as property. tradition (truh-DIH-shuhn) a belief, a custom, or a story handed down from older people to younger people. com. These links are routinely monitored and updated to provide the most current information available.

A Strong Nation The Navajo people have a long, rich history. They are known for their woven rugs and silver jewelry. They are a large, strong nation. Navajo roots run deep. Today, the people have kept alive those special things that make them Navajo. Even though times have changed, many people carry the traditions, stories, and memories of the past into the present. 28 This dried food helped the buffalo meat to keep for a long time without going bad. It was also portable, hunters could it with them.

Navajo so women often usecarry baskets in traditional dances. 29 “My children, education is the ladder to all our needs. ” — Chief Manuelito 30 Glossary ceremony a formal event on a special occasion. custom a practice that has been around a long time and is common to a group or a place. medicine man a Native American healer and spiritual leader. mineral a natural substance that makes up rocks and other parts of nature. protect (pruh-TEHKT) to guard against harm or danger. reservation (reh-zuhr-VAY-shuhn) a piece of land set aside by the government for Native Americans to live on.

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