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By Vladmir M. Shalaev, Martin Moskovits

content material: Parallel processing of nanocrystal colloids : light-directed meeting and straightforward units / J.R. Heath, T. Vossmeyer, E. DeIonno, and G. Markovich --
Nanometer-scale structure utilizing colloidal gold / Christine D. Keating, Michael D. Musick, L. Andrew Lyon, Kenneth R. Brown, Bonnie E. Baker, David J. Pena, Daniel L. Feldheim, Thomas E. Mallouk, and Michael J. Natan --
Heterosupramolecular chemistry : the self-assembly and self-organization of nanoscale units and fabrics in answer / Lucy Cusack, S. Nagaraja Rao, and Donald Fitzmaurice --
Self-organization of round nanoparticles in - and three-dimensinal superlattices : interconnected community of nanomaterial / M.P. Pileni --
Microstructured debris for electrorheological functions / Ping Sheng, Wing Yim Tam, Weijia Wen, Hongru Ma, and M.M.T. Loy --
Composite fabrics with field-induced anisotropy / James E. Martin, Robert A. Anderson, and Chris P. Tigges --
The influence of dielectric confinement on electron dynamics and optical nonlinearities in steel nanocrystals in glasses / Fabrice Vallée, Natalia Del Fatti, and Christos Flytzanis --
Fractal-surface-enhanced optical nonlinearities / V.M. Shalaev, V.P. Safonov, E.Y. Poliakov, V.A. Markel, and A.K. Sarychev --
Third-order nonlinear optical houses of chosen composites / George L. Fischer and Robert W. Boyd --
Size-dependent electron dynamics of gold nanoparticles / Temer S. Ahmadi, Stephan L. Logunov, and Mostafa A. El-Sayed --
Time-resolved service dynamics close to the insulator-metal transition / M.J. Feldstein, C.D. Keating, W. Zheng, Y.H. Liau, A.G. MacDiarmid, Michael J. Natan, and N.F. Scherer --
alterations in thin-metal-film nanostructure at near-ambient temperatures / Shane E. Rorak, Alan Lo, Rex T. Skodje, and Kathy L. Rowlen --
Synthesis of doped fullerene clusters and boron-nitrogen tubules utilizing laser ablation / Z. Charles Ying, Jane G. Zhu, R.N. Compton, L.F. Allard, Jr., R.L. Hettich, and R.E. Haufler --
Thin-film formation through laser-assisted molecular beam deposition / Robert L. DeLeon, Paras N. Prasad, and James F. Garvey --
Synthesis and actual homes of semiconductor nanocrystals shaped by means of ion implantation / Jane G. Zhu, C.W. White, S.P. Withrow, J.D. Budai, R. Mu, and D.O. Henderson --
Synthesis and dealing with of unmarried sheets of a covalent monolayer sq. grid polymer / Thomas F. Magnera, Jaroslav Pecka, Jaroslav Vacek, and Josef Michl --
Interfacial electron move dynamics of photosensitized zinc oxide nanoclusters / Kei Murakoshi, Shozo Yanagida, Malcolm Capel, and Edward W. Castner, Jr. --
Nickel-aluminum alloy clusters : structural and dynamical houses / J. Jellinek and E.B. Krissinel.

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Here the change in the rheological properties is known to be accompanied by a structural transformation whereby the initially dispersed solid particles are aggregated into dense columns spanning the sample and aligned along the direction of the applied electric field. These dense columns are the source of ER fluids' increased viscosity when shearing occurs perpendicular to the electric field. Physically, the field-induced rheological transformation may be understood as follows. Due to the difference in the dielectric constants of the solid particles and the liquid, each particle is polarized in the presence of an applied electric field.

One of the approach to obtain 2D and 3D structures is to assemble nanoparticles and in ordered arrays. This requires hard sphere repulsion, controlled size distribution, inherent Van der Walls attraction between particles and dispersion forces. The polydispersity in particle size prevents construction of such well-defined two-or-three dimensional structures. Recently, in our laboratory spontaneous arrangements either in a monolayer organized in a hexagonal network or three dimentional F C C arrangements of particle has been observed (7-9).

Spanhel. L. J. Phys. Chem. 1984, 88, 709. ; Thurnauer, M. J. Phys. Chem. 1993, 97, 7277. ; Owens, O. Biochem. Biophys. Acta 1965, 109, 347. (b) Trudinger, P. Anal. Biochem. 1970, 36, 222. ; Honda, K. J. Phys. Chem. 1982, 86, 2617. ; Grätzel, M. Langmuir 1990, 6, 198. ; Rao, S. ; Fitzmaurice, D. manuscript in preparation. The detailed reasons for the slower rate of decay of the transient assigned to long-lived trapped electrons in TiO -(CTAB+III) as compared with TiO -(I+IV) will be discussed here and supported by detailed NMR studies.

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