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By Yuji Tachikawa (auth.)

Understanding the dynamics of gauge theories is essential, given the truth that all recognized interactions are in line with the main of neighborhood gauge symmetry. past the perturbative regime, although, it is a notoriously tricky challenge. Requiring invariance below supersymmetry seems to be an appropriate software for examining supersymmetric gauge theories over a bigger area of the gap of parameters. Supersymmetric quantum box theories in 4 dimensions with prolonged N=2 supersymmetry are extra restricted and feature hence been a fertile box of study in theoretical physics for fairly your time. furthermore, there are far-reaching mathematical ramifications that experience resulted in a winning discussion with differential and algebraic geometry.

These lecture notes objective to introduce scholars of contemporary theoretical physics to the interesting advancements within the realizing of N=2 supersymmetric gauge theories in a coherent type. beginning with a steady advent to electric-magnetic duality, the writer courses readers in the course of the key milestones within the box, which come with the paintings of Seiberg and Witten, Nekrasov, Gaiotto etc. As a sophisticated graduate point textual content, it assumes that readers have a operating wisdom of supersymmetry together with the formalism of superfields, in addition to of quantum box idea concepts equivalent to regularization, renormalization and anomalies.

After his commencement from the collage of Tokyo, Yuji Tachikawa labored on the Institute for complex research, Princeton and the Kavli Institute for Physics and arithmetic of the Universe. almost immediately on the division of Physics, collage of Tokyo, Tachikawa is the writer of numerous vital papers in supersymmetric quantum box theories and string theory.

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13) in terms of which the kinetic term of the gauge fields is 1 8 Im D ij FD i FD j C Re D ij FD D. 8). 17) where AD is the gauge potential of FD introduced above, with additional superscripts i . 9). This can be better understood using N D2 superspace, since it is known that the prepotential is the Lagrangian density in the N D2 superspace. This 2 N D2 Multiplets and Lagrangians 24 is similar to the situation where the Kähler potential gives the Lagrangian density in the N D1 superspace. 2/ R-symmetry rotating and Q acts on the two sets of supercoordinates ² and ÂQ˛ .

JHEP 06, 030 (2000). arXiv:hep-th/9707133 3. E. 2/ anomaly. Phys. Lett. B117, 324–328 (1982) 4. E. Witten, Constraints on supersymmetry breaking. Nucl. Phys. B202, 253 (1982) 5. E. Witten, Toroidal compactification without vector structure. JHEP 02, 006 (1998). arXiv:hep-th/9712028 6. G. V. Smilga, Vacuum structure in supersymmetric Yang-Mills theories with any gauge group, in The Many Faces of the Superworld (World Scientific, Singapore, 1999), pp. 185–234. arXiv:hep-th/9902029 7. A. Borel, R.

11) where are quantum corrections. Let us consider adiabatically rotating the phase of u by 2 : u D e i juj; We have a 7! denote it as  D0 2 a. From the explicit form of aD we find aD ! a; aD / ! 12) aD C 4a. 16) can also be ascribed to the transformation of the charges: Ã à   à n 1 4 n : ! 16) the monodromy at infinity. The situation is schematically shown in Fig. 2. The space of the supersymmetric vacua, parametrized by u, is often called the u-plane. 13) could have had non-integral entries, as we read the matrix elements off from an approximate formula of a and aD .

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