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By Editor: Jon L. Breen

A suite of the easiest secret prose written in 2002, by way of a number of the genre's maximum writers -- Ursula okay. Le Guin, Poul Anderson, Ted Chiang, and plenty of extra. carrying on with ibooks' sequence of popularly-priced, rack-sized "Best of the yr" books edited and designed to entice secret fanatics whose budgets will be taxed by way of costlier "Best of the yr" collections.

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You’re quite certain? ” “Maude asked me not to say anything to anyone,” said Miss Kendall. ” Gillette’s mouth pulled up slightly at the corners. “So I gather, Miss Kendall. ” He turned and studied the false book spines on the painted scenery flat. ” I watched as the two actresses departed. ” “No one,” he answered. “Are you suggesting—” I leaned forward and lowered my voice, “—are you suggesting that Miss Kendall is the thief? After all, if she was the only one who knew— “No, Lyndal. ” “Still,” I said, “there is little reason to suppose that she kept her own counsel.

Find her first. Make a deal with those criminals. Name your price. Whatever it takes. Spread money around. All expenses. ” And, I thought, somewhat unkindly, his only meal ticket. But the money was right, and the location, Carter Creek, made me remember another LAPD detective who knew me: Detective Sergeant Leonard Tucker, who had retired from the Los Angeles Police Department six years ago. He and his wife had moved to Carter Creek to join the growing colony of ex-LAPD officers up there. Tucker and I didn’t think much alike, and he had never been exactly a friend, but we had worked cases together, I had held up my end, and we got along.

Or was I imagining it? Emma didn’t react. I left her leaning on the railing and strolled a little further along the boardwalk, toward the voice, but slowly, as if merely wandering. I turned a corner and realized that I was at the foot of the Married Men’s Path. Glancing up, I saw Tom and the redhead on one of the stair landings, embracing. Then they drew apart and began descending the next to last flight of stairs. Damn the man, I thought. I needed to get Emma away. I turned back, walking as quickly and quietly as I could, feeling the pressure of those footsteps above and behind me.

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