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The predictions of the perceptual system for simultaneous presentation have been explored in more detail by Rumelhart (1970) and discussed previously. In general, the perceptual system gives a good description of the results from experiments in visual perception with simultaneously presented material, with full and partial report, and with and without backward masking. 0 Criterion = 2 9 3 4 5 6 7 Serial position FlG. 7. Probability of correctly perceiving an item in a list of rapidly presented digits.

RECOGNITION In a recognition experiment, the subject is given a test item and asked to state whether it is old or new. We assume that he does this by checking the context associated with each attribute of the test item. The task is illustrated in Fig. 2, where we present the test item consisting of the context 3l and the attributes a, c, d, g, 1, and p. Could these attributes have b e e n presented earlier under context si, S8> or ft? We see that three attributes of the test item are consistent with context si, two with &&, one with fé7, and (obviously), all 6 with the test item context, Sf.

It is well known that a Poisson process with intensity v, in which each event is recorded with probability p, leads to a Poisson process with intensity parameter vp (cf. Parzen, 1962, pp. 47-48). A similar result obtains for a nonhomogeneous Poisson process, even when the attention parameter (6k in this case) depends on time (Rumelhart, 1970). That is, the probability that i or more attributes have been extracted from input channel k by time t is given by a nonhomogeneous Poisson process with intensity function vk(t)=6kv{t) 33 2: A SYSTEM FOR PERCEPTION AND MEMORY with the mean value function mk given by mk = J + u)■ vk{t)dt= L (4) Thus, P [ ^ H ] = | ^ M i^Nf) (5) J· j=i and zero elsewhere.

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