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By Xinyu Huang, Ken Reifsnider (auth.), Chao-Yang Wang, Ugur Pasaogullari (eds.)

Topics in quantity forty nine contain: • In-depth evaluation of the sturdiness matters in PEFCs • realizing and mitigation of deterioration within the polymer membrane and electrocatalyst • precis of experimental diagnostics and modeling stories of chilly commence • tools for allotted diagnostics of species, temperature and present in PEFCs • The operational rules of neutron radiography for in-situ visualization of liquid water distribution • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) approach for visualisation of water in PEFCs and tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) for size of water vapor focus • Liquid water shipping in porous DM because of capillarity • Meso-scale modeling of two-phase delivery • The atomistic simulations of electrochemical reactions on ectrocatalysts and the delivery of protons during the polymer electrolyte From stories of prior volumes: “This long-standing sequence maintains its culture of supplying prime quality reports of proven and rising topic components, including the fewer universal features of electrochemical science... [and]... merits a spot in electrochemistry libraries and will end up worthwhile to electrochemists and comparable workers.” —Chemistry and “Continues the dear provider that has been rendered through the fashionable facets series.” —Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry “Will certainly be of a lot use to researchers within the box of electrochemistry. . . . The editors of this well-produced quantity deserve all appreciation for preserving the superb ordinary of the series.” —Bulletin of Electrochemistry “Extremely well-referenced and extremely readable.... keeps the final excessive criteria of the series.” —Journal of the yank Chemical Society

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Huang and K. Reifsnider dominated by catalyst dissolution, carbon corrosion, membrane chemical decomposition, and membrane mechanical degradation. In the real degradation process of fuel cell stack in service, these degradation modes are occurring simultaneously, especially under transient and cyclic conditions, such as startup-transient (fuel starvation), shut-down transient, load cycling (catalyst corrosion and membrane stress cycling), and partial power (high voltage and membrane swelling). It is necessary to understand the interactions of these degradation modes, such as mechanical stress and chemical degradation.

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