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Figure 3 also shows that the areas of the anodic peak of the sample D and E are larger than the sample C. This indicates that the amounts of the zinc electrodes of the additive ZnO are more than that of the no ZnO powder after the oxidation reaction took place. However, the area of the catholic peak of the sample D is the largest of the three zinc electrodes after the reduction reaction took place. So the redox performance of the sample D is better. Charge and Discharge Figure 4 shows the discharge capacity curves of the zinc electrodes of the different components at different cycles.

4 Curves of discharge capacity vs cycle electrode was high andabout the 55% of theoretical numbers capacity, but the discharge capacity are quickly decay, with the CV in front of consistent performance with the increase cycle. Figure 4 Tony Sun 29 also shows that common zinc powder electrode life cycle of the worst and the discharge capacity has started to decay capacity of below 10% in 10th charge and discharge cycle, which indicate that the electrode has expired and the electrode has not much activity Material.

2. 1Mo-1Fe alloy when aging at 400 and 500℃, but not found at 600℃. Further observation of ω phase should be performed by TEM later. 3. ω phase plays a more important role than α phase in hardening. The hardening due to ω phase can lead to a high hardness about 470 Hv but the coarsen α phase result in a hardness below 300 Hv. References [1] Xue Guanxia, Wang Tongmin, Su Yanqing, Cai Shaowu, Xu Jingjing, Li Jun, Guo Jingjie, Li Tingju. Rare Metal Materials and Engineering, Volume 38, Issue 5, May 2009 [2] K.

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