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By L. Elleström

It is a methodical learn of the cloth and psychological limits and chances of moving info and media characteristics between multiple media. Elleström proposes a version for pinpointing the main important conceptual entities and phases in intermedial transfers related to varied media kinds corresponding to speech, writing, song, motion pictures, and internet sites.

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0005  Media Transformation transmediation. Although the motion picture may actually represent the painting, and additionally transmediate its characteristics, transmediating a specific media product is nevertheless distinct from representing it. Transmediation from one media product to another may also involve, for example, the transfer of narrative structure. For instance, a novel might represent a pig that is transported to the abattoir, manages to escape, and then meets a rabbit that reveals that the pig is actually a space traveler from Mars.

Simple transmediation of qualified media may be understood in terms of elementary form being transmediated from one qualified medium to another (or to a particular media product). For instance, one may notice that mood contrasts occur in many musical pieces, which is also the case in many motion pictures. Without a doubt, general resemblances between qualified media such as these two can be understood as transmediations of simple formal traits. Although one may distrust the point of calling one or the other medium a ‘source’, simple transmediations such as this one are part of the broad field of media transformation.

However, compound media characteristics are never fully transmedial: the modal differences between dissimilar media always have an effect. As Regina Schober reminds us, ‘There can be no “true“ transmediality, if we assume that every medium operates within a closely knit set of connections between interdependent variables’; in one important respect, ‘media transformations can only highlight the differences between media’ (Schober, 2013: 98). 0006 The Transmedial Basis  variances. Whereas these perceived similarities highlight the differences, similarities with a difference are nonetheless similarities.

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