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By Gilbert Highet

This remarkable and eloquent e-book by means of a unique pupil and critic examines the heritage, the boundaries, and the promise of the human brain and the data of which it's able. Professor Highet explores the which means of our tradition from the highbrow and ethical monuments of the Greeks, Romans, and Judeo-Christians, and our modern thinkers. Out of this ebook comes a transparent definition of data and insights into the power and obstacles of the mind.

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To read the life of even one such thinker is to renew one's faith in humanity, one's sense of duty to the world. To move freely among the captain minds of anyone great age-say the THE UNPREDICTABLE INTELLECT 45 seventeenth century, or the century that produced Cicero, Lucretius, Vergil, Horace, and Livy, or the nineteenth century-is to be perpetually astounded at the depth unplumbable, the infinite variety of the human mind, and to repeat the words of the Greek tragedian: Wonders are many, but none, none is more wondrous than man.

There is a fine opening here for one of the wealthy foundations to establish a series of quarterly reviews covering all the most important fields of learning, drawing contributions from all over the world, and written in the three or four principal culture-languages; or perhaps to grant UNESCO sufficient capital to start such reviews, in the expectation that library subscriptions would be sufficient to support them thenceforward. For young students also there are associa tions which enable them to spend part of their college life, a year or half 52 THE POWERS OF KNOWLEDGE a year, in a foreign land.

It is badly paid; much of it is done in isolation, and after repeated failures a lonely man becomes pessimistic; even teaching is not much of a stimulus sometimes, because students have to be shown the elements of a subject while advanced research is beyond their understanding; the rest of the world seems to admire and to reward the charlatans and confidence tricksters: what 50 THE POWERS OF KNOWLEDGE wonder if the scholar sometimes slows down, or thinks of abandoning his work? But at the regular meetings of a group that shares his interests he can reassure himself that his work is important, recall the distinguished men of the past, and meet the young men who are to advance his subject in the future.

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