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By Giorgi Nodia (auth.), Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka (eds.)

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Until eventually September eleven we had had no symbolic occasion on an international scale that marked a setback for globalization itself. Baudrillard sees the ability of the terrorists as mendacity within the symbolism of slaughter – now not in simple terms the truth of loss of life, yet in a sacrifice that demanding situations the total process. the place formerly the previous innovative sought to behavior a fight among actual forces within the context of ideology and politics, the hot terrorist mounts a strong symbolic problem which, while mixed with high-tech assets, constitutes an extraordinary attack on an over-sophisticated and susceptible West.

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Reinach, op. , p. 25. 17 E. , Logische Untersuchungen. Erster Band, Halle, 1928, p. " IK A. Reinach, op. , p. " A. Metzger, Phiinomenologie und Metaphysik (Ptiillingen: 1966), p. 28. ,0 A. Reinach, op. , pp. 56-57: "Ganz und gar abweisen aber mussen wir den Begriff den Denknotwendigkeit als wesentIiches Merkmal des Apriorischen ... Das Apriori hat an und fur sich mit dem Denken und Erkennen auch nicht das mindeste zu tun:' Ibidem, p. , Ibidem, p. 1 Ibidem, p. 51: "Bedeutungsanalyse hat Sokrates getrieben, wenn er in den Strassen 3 I" ,I 34 JURIS ROSENWALD Athens seine fragen stellte ...

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47 This poses a concrete problem - to consider, in a philosophical analysis of the concept "strength," the meaning this term possesses outside of the framework of natural science, in the first place, in quotidian consciousness. Conrad-Martius's reference to man's quotidian life corresponds to her attention to quotidian consciousness, a manifest interest in the phenomenological trends of the late twenties and thirties (Heidegger, and the concept of "Lebenswelt" in Husserl's late work). Like Husserl and Heidegger, Conrad-Martius considers the world of quotidian life, without uncovering the actual premises of its occurrence - some distinctive type of social relations.

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