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By Ralph Waldo Trine

1936. Contents: Time, position, want, the fellow; Getting this, you've got all; Love and gear of lifestyles; Days within the little carpenter's store; He known as it "The Way"; comprehend that every one is definitely; magnificent educating of sin; i'm a guy as you're; Sons of guys residing as sons of God; resource of His genius; wealthy towards God; amazing friendship with the twelve; access to Jerusalem, to die; He teaches the nice fact; while a courageous guy chooses loss of life; Bigotry in worry condemns and kills; different helpers of the Way-Shower; search for and drop that load; artistic strength of religion and braveness; How His fact began and have become distorted; fact that needs to shop Christianity.

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56 RALPH WALDO TRINE THE MAN WHO KNEW Buddha, six hundred years before Jesus’ time, was born of a virgin. So tradition said later, after he became thoroughly well known and needed to be explained. So tradition said, when the priest began to mould a revelation and teaching, of wonderful light and power for human help, into a dogmatic system shot through with a material tinge — with an eye to authority, power, and money. Buddhism suffered great degeneration from the high ideals and humanly helpful purposes of him upon whose name it was built.

Or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed? (For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things. ’ (Mate. vi. ) It seems a wonderful way of life, but he knew. A help, a great help lies here: To follow this teaching of the Master, by living always in the realisation of this Kingdom within, and then to go about one’s daily work thinking or voicing, but always living and resting in: Be still — And know — I am — God.

It 37 RALPH WALDO TRINE THE MAN WHO KNEW was a part, and a very important part, in the life of the little congregations that began to take form here and there, wherever his disciples went. The Master was always keenly alive to every form of human need, and we cannot help believing from the meagre accounts of his life we have, that he intentionally made the alleviation of human suffering, which took so many forms in his day, a very real portion of his ministry. There are individuals, and there are various groups, at whose hands it is finding a revival, and in some cases a very significant and vital revival, among his followers of today, in our own and in many other countries.

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