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By Gary Rosenzweig

Somebody with reasonable Macromedia Flash event who's trying to collect or increase their knowing of ActionScript will locate this booklet a precious source. writer Gary Rosenzweig is very revered within the Macromedia group and pioneered using complex programming ideas in Macromedia Flash. For this version, he has up-to-date the video games from the former variation and has further numerous new initiatives. each one bankruptcy reports after which deconstructs a brand new kind of online game or machine equivalent to hunt and click on video games, capture and steer clear of video games, or motion and event video games and the CD includes the undertaking resource code.

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Lesson 2: Using the Actions Panel ■ Lesson 3: Your First ActionScript Program ■ Lesson 4: Controlling Flash Playback ■ Lesson 5: Creating Buttons to Give the User Control ■ Lesson 6: Animating with ActionScript ■ Lesson 7: Letting the User Control Movie Clips ■ Lesson 8: Using Variables ■ Lesson 9: Performing Operations ■ Lesson 10: Conditional Statements ■ Lesson 11: Loops ■ Lesson 12: Text and Strings ■ Lesson 13: Creating Functions ■ Lesson 14: Arrays 36 Chapter 2: An Introduction to ActionScript Programming in ActionScript can be done by people experienced in other programming languages, or by people who have no programming experience but know how to use Flash to create graphics and animation.

4). 4 The Flash Output window contains the results of the simple trace program. This is a significant step in becoming an ActionScript programmer. You have given Flash a command. In return, Flash has indicated that it understands you and will obey! Lesson 4: Controlling Flash Playback 41 NOTE The “Hello World” program is a tradition that dates back to the earliest programming languages. It is seen as the most basic program there is, and is thus usually the first lesson taught, whether the language is assembly language on an ancient hulking mainframe computer, BASIC, Pascal, C, Java, or ActionScript.

10 The Document Properties dialog box allows you to set some of the most important properties of your movie. The set of commands under the Modify, Transform menu item should be mentioned as well. These commands allow you to scale, rotate, and flip graphics on the Stage. You’ll be learning how to do these sorts of things in ActionScript throughout the book, but these commands can be used on items that are not controlled by ActionScript to modify graphics and symbols. 17 18 Chapter 1: Flash Elements Used to Make Games and Toys The Modify, Group command should also be mentioned.

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