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By Craig Murray, Justin Everett-Church

If you have been looking for a device that will let you create game-like purposes with internet programming, you are not on my own. ultimately, that instrument is accessible! Flash MX 2004 bargains a whole programming resolution that may be used to do even more than just create cool websites. Macromedia Flash MX 2004 video game Programming will exhibit you the way you could take complete benefit of this outstanding programming instrument. It bargains an abundance of suggestions and methods for programmers of all degrees who are looking to learn the way Flash expertise can be utilized to create video games. every one bankruptcy discusses a key section of video game programming, utilizing Flash to create a number of video games. the entire significant parts of video game improvement are covered-from physics and synthetic intelligence to collision detection and backbone.

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Many times, errors that are listed after the first are not really errors—they are simply the product of Flash's confusion over the first error. The trace Function You will often want to send messages to yourself while you test your movies. Many errors become clear when you are able to use messages to trace through the actual flow of scripts in your movie, and that's what the trace function is for. Although we have not formally discussed functions yet and won't until Chapter 3, "Programming Interactivity: Mouse Chaser," the use of trace should be simple enough not to require it.

The first one to match the original expression gets executed, and no others. This is due to the break statement stopping execution of the entire switch statement. Consider the following script: x = 10; switch( x ){ case 10: trace("case 1"); break; case 10: trace("case 2"); break; } In this case, x is 10 and there are two cases, each using the literal value 10 as their expression. The output of this script would be "case 1" only. The second trace, "case 2," would never be printed. However, the break statements that usually end a code block are not required.

The result of 5 / 2 is 2 with a remainder of 1, so 1 is the output. The second line shows 10 modulus 2. 13: The modulus operator gives the remainder after integer division. Because 10 can be divided by 2 a total of 5 times with no remainder, the output is 0. The third line shows 10 modulus 3. When 3 is divided into 10, it can go 3 times with a remainder of 1, so the output is 1. On line 4, the script says 1 modulus 5. Because 5 cannot be divided into 1, the remainder is 1, and so is the output.

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