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By Valery I. Klyatskin

Fluctuating parameters seem in a number of actual structures and phenomena. they generally come both as random forces/sources, or advecting velocities, or media (material) parameters, like refraction index, conductivity, diffusivity, and so forth. versions clearly render to statistical description, the place random strategies and fields show the enter parameters and strategies. the elemental challenge of stochastic dynamics is to spot the basic features of the method (its nation and evolution), and relate these to the enter parameters of the approach and preliminary data.

This ebook is a revised and extra finished model of Dynamics of Stochastic Systems. half I offers an creation to the subject. half II is dedicated to the final concept of statistical research of dynamic platforms with fluctuating parameters defined by means of differential and quintessential equations. half III offers with the research of particular actual difficulties linked to coherent phenomena.

  • A finished replace of Dynamics of Stochastic Systems
  • Develops mathematical instruments of stochastic research and applies them to quite a lot of actual versions of debris, fluids and waves
  • Includes difficulties for the reader to solve

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110) n=−∞ and substituting this representation in Eq. 109), we arrive at the recurrent system in (1) quantities vn 2 2 α + n2 α (1) σ+ α 2 + n2 (1) (1) vn + vn−1 α 2 − 1 + (n − 1)2 R − vn+1 α 2 − 1 + (n + 1)2 = 0, n = −∞, . . , +∞. , the solutions are unstable. The corresponding dispersion equation in σ has the √ form of an infinite continued fraction, and the critical Reynolds number is Rcr = 2 for α → 0. In other words, long-wave disturbances along the applied force appear to be most unstable.

29) for t > t0 ; its behavior resembles a quasi-periodic structure. 5 Oscillator with Randomly Varying Frequency (Stochastic Parametric Resonance) In the above stochastic examples, we considered the effect of additive random impacts (forces) on the behavior of systems. The simplest nontrivial system with multiplicative (parametric) impact can be illustrated by the example of stochastic parametric resonance. 10 layer. (b) (a) Plane wave incident on the medium layer and (b) source inside the medium where z(t) is the random function of time.

Thus, within the framework of the dynamics of the first stage, hopping phenomena can occur only due to the effect of external random forces acting on all modes. 18). Only the components v1,0 (t), v1,2 (t), v2,3 (t) and v2,4 (t) survive for f0 > 0 (see Fig. 6). 6 v2,4(t) Diagram of the excited seven-mode HTS. 16 Lectures on Dynamics of Stochastic Systems that have the integral of motion v2,3 (t)v2,4 (t) = I = const. 24). Inclusion of the second stage significantly changes the dynamics of the first stage.

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