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By Myles Dillon; Donncha Ó Cróinín

This is often one of many few textbooks that educate you Munster Irish (the dialect of southern Ireland), and this relatively is a disgrace! so far as the particular textual content is worried, it really is solid. in case you are conversant in any of the particularly early 'Teach your self' books (like smooth Persian (Teach your self) or educate your self Turkish or train your self Maltese whole path or Romanian (Teach Yourself)) you will understand what it is all approximately. the teachings comprise grammar (these early TY texts are heavy at the grammar), vocabulary and translation workouts. there's little (if any) conversational language, and no conversations within the booklet in any respect. yet nonetheless an outstanding Irish textbook, as long as a few conversational Irish. ksiezycowy

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Nár chuir sé amach na gadhair fós? 9. Níor chuir, ach cuirfead-sa1 1 See Lesson IX. LESSON VII 51 amach anois iad. 10. D’itheamair-ne ár mbéile ó chianaibh, agus beidh bhur gcuid-se fuar. 11. Tá m’athair i gCorcaigh ach tá t’athair-se sa bhaile. ) father; their children. I believe you. Did you believe her? He put them out and he let me in. ) there? ). He believes us. (ii) 1. My house is here, and his house is over there (thall) on the hill. 2. He did his best, but you did nothing. 3. Her shoes are new and my shoes are worn out.

Thus do bhuail sé “he struck”; níor bhuail sé “he did not strike”; ar bhuail sé? ”; nár bhuail sé? ”; gur bhuail sé “that he struck”; nár bhuail sé “that he did not strike”. Note that these particles containing ro aspirate the initial of the verb. VOCABULARY baile mór town bainim (bwinim) I cut (hay) bó f. cow caithim (kohim) I spend creidim (kredim) I believe crúim (krooim) I milk díolaim (deelim) I sell fanaim (fonim) I stay, remain mias (meeăs) f. dish ólaim (ōlim) I drink poll (poul) m. hole scéal (shgeeal) m.

4. Do dhíoladar. 5. D’fhéach sé. 6. Do bhaineadar. 7. D’iarr sibh. 8. Do thuigis. 47 48 IRISH Exercise 17 Translate into Irish. 1. The children did not believe the story. 2. Did they understand the story? No. 3. Did she not wash the dishes? Yes. 4. I did not write the letter. 5. Did you drink the milk? 6. You did not milk the cow. 7. Did they not sell the horses? 8. Did we shut the windows? 9. They did not spend the money. 10. Did he stay in the town? 11. Did they not look at the paper? 12. Did the child fall into the water?

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