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By David Ghanim Ph.D.

This e-book presents an in-depth research from an Iraqi point of view at the political improvement in Iraq because 2003, thereby filling a spot that presently exists within the dialogue of this embattled country. inside of its pages, writer David Ghanim scrutinizes the numerous contradictions of the hot adventure in Iraq and exposes the parable of a "new democratic Iraq."By offering a unflinching examine the dysfunctional nature of democracy in Iraq, the centrality of violence in Iraqi society and politics, and the deterioration of the rights and remedy of minorities and girls in Iraq, Iraq's Dysfunctional Democracy exposes how the recent Iraq after the approximately decade-long involvement of the us is turning into a republic of corruption. complicated concerns resembling ethnic federalism, ethno-sectarian elections, politics of victimization, misleading legitimacy, and the results of de-Ba'athification are lined intimately, helping remove darkness from the multilayered hindrances to stabilizing Iraq—a state that serves because the linchpin for the safety of the center East in addition to the remainder of the realm.

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The former regime counted on confrontation with the outside world, which was 20 Iraq’s Dysfunctional Democracy motivated by a perception of being victim to a constant conspiracy against the country, to provide a source of legitimacy for its autocratic rule. However, all claims of victimization have elements of exaggeration and myth in them, including those by the present regime. While it is true that the deposed regime undoubtedly created many victims in Iraq, the Kurdish and Shiite political elites are also responsible for this outcome.

Sectarian and ethnic politics, which is sanctioned by the ShiiteKurdish alliance and has dominated the Iraqi landscape since 2003, affects other groups in the country. There is an erroneous politics of associating the Sunnis with the Ba’th Party and targeting the Ba’thists under various slogans, such as de-Ba’thification. The Sunnis can easily claim that they are becoming the new victims in a perpetual and vicious cycle of violence and revenge. The Faili Kurds, who were expelled from Iraq in 1971 and 1980 for allegedly having Iranian rather than Iraqi nationality, is a large minority representing a problem for the Shiite-Kurdish alliance as far as victimization is concerned.

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