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This is a very helpful approach to further reduce the cost of energy, either for the technologies like onshore wind power where the remaining potential for cost reduction is not so large, or for those technologies like offshore wind and PV power where the cost are still high. 36 K. Ma et al. 5 Summary The chapter first illustrates the status of wind power and photovoltaic power generation. Some basic operations, control targets, and technical solutions of the power electronics used in the wind power and photovoltaic power generations are also discussed respectively.

Off-shore wind power and solar PV technologies are still more expensive than the on-shore wind power—not only nowadays but also in the near future. However the potential for cost reduction is larger, as also indicated in Fig. 36. As power electronics are almost essential with higher power rating and more advanced control features, the cost for the power electronics is no longer ignorable and becomes critical in the renewable energy systems. As the cost is so important for the larger scale utilization of certain renewable energy technology, some special cost considerations should also be taken into account for the design and control of power electronics converters.

Ind. Appl. 49(5), 2167–2176 (2013) 76. Y. Yang, F. Blaabjerg, H. Wang, Low voltage ride-through of single-phase transformerless photovoltaic inverters. IEEE Trans. Ind. Appl. May/Jun 2014. 2282966 77. P. Papanikolaou, Low-voltage ride-through concept in flyback inverter-based alternating current- photovoltaic modules. IET Power Electron. 6(7), 1436–1448 (2013) 78. Y. -K. -Y. Kim, Implemental control strategy for grid stabilization of gridconnected PV system based on german grid code in symmetrical low-to-medium voltage network.

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