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By Henning Plessner, Cornelia Betsch, Tilmann Betsch

The relevant objective of this quantity is to convey the training standpoint into the dialogue of instinct in judgment and selection making. The booklet gathers contemporary paintings on intuitive selection making that is going past the present dominant heuristic processing point of view. notwithstanding, that doesn't suggest that the e-book will strictly oppose this angle. the original viewpoint of this booklet may also help to tie jointly those various conceptualizations of instinct and strengthen an integrative method of the mental realizing of instinct in judgment and determination making. therefore, a few of the chapters replicate earlier examine from the heuristic processing viewpoint within the new gentle of the educational standpoint. This ebook presents a consultant evaluation of what we at the moment find out about instinct in judgment and selection making. The authors offer most up-to-date theoretical advancements, integrative frameworks and state of the art reports of analysis within the laboratory and within the box. in addition, a few chapters care for utilized issues. instinct in Judgment and selection Making goals not just on the curiosity of scholars and researchers of psychology, but additionally at students from neighboring social and behavioral sciences equivalent to economic climate, sociology, political sciences, and neurosciences.

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1995). Inference to the best plan: A coherence theory of decision. In A. Ram & D. B. ), Goal driven learning (pp. 439–454). Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. , & Kahneman, D. (1973). Availability: A heuristic for judging frequency and probability. Cognitive Psychology, 5, 207–232. Wundt, W. (1907). Outlines of psychology. Leipzig, Germany: Wilhelm Engelmann. Zajonc, R. B. (1968). Attitudinal effects of mere exposure. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 9. Zajonc, R. B. (1980). Feeling and thinking: Preferences need no inferences.

582). THE POWER OF INTUITION: EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE The strategies I discussed in the previous section are representative examples of the heuristics approach that is dominating the field of judgment and decision making. As I have shown, these heuristics are shortcut strategies to conscious thinking and reasoning. They process only small portions of relevant knowledge and only occasionally exploit the potentials of the automatic processing system. Hence, if one equates intuition with heuristic processing, one would neglect the nature and the power of intuition.

The input to the process stems from experience and is stored in long-term memory. The heuristic capitalizes on associative learning. The stronger the associations between events (a certain movie) and the corresponding category (movies one has watched in the cinema), the easier it is to bring instances to mind. Thus, the degree of consolidation of knowledge matters. Moreover, the output of the process is a feeling that is used as a base for subsequent judgment. However, the recall process evoking these feelings rests on a reduced sample of concrete instances relevant for the judgment.

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