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By Rav Michael Laitman

This is often an awesome ebook that scientifically finds what has been hidden for millions of years. the knowledge during this publication used to be provided via Kabbalist Michael Laitman who via years of a educating lineage realized from Rabash, son of Baal HaSulam, the Ari and the record is going on. entire with graphs, charts, and a special narrative via Dr. Laitman, this ebook is going in to difficult element of what Kabbalah is all approximately and most significantly, find out how to commence and remain on a course in the direction of religious success. you just should have requested your self, one query: "What is the which means of my life?" All you wish is the need and the ebook can assist kick begin you on a real Kabalistic course.

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Why will he receive more pleasure? Why was Malchut’s (soul’s) descent from the world of Infinity to our world necessary? For what purpose was the separation from the Creator and gradual return to Him? It was done so that, with the help of the freedom of choice, by will and power, he might achieve an elevated state like the world of Infinity. Being in the world of Infinity was initially determined by the Creator, not by man. If he achieves this state by himself, he acquires his own new vessels, his own screen, his own sensations, earns his own eternity and perfection.

The descending light creates man and all his inner properties. All the spiritual worlds in us are just the measures of sensing the Creator. All the angels, devils, dark and light forces are no more than man’s inner forces, specially created in him by the Creator to help him constantly correct and overcome his natural egoism. Initially, they were systematically restricted, world-by-world, and descended to the level of this material world to insert the soul into the body, to dress man’s “self” in absolutely egoistic properties, infinitely remote from the Creator, the most opposite to His properties.

They study all the Creator’s properties and see that He is absolutely kind and complete. Hence, He made the Creation out of nothing. When man ascends, making his properties equal to the Creator’s on the high levels called “the tenth millennium”, where the Torah’s secrets are revealed, he sees the creation itself and the way it was created by the Creator. 46 I N T RO D U C T I O N T O T H E A RT I C L E “ THE PREAMBLE TO THE WISDOM OF KABBALAH” The only sources we study are the book of the “Zohar”, the Ari’s books, the books written by the Baal HaSulam and the Rabash.

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