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By Robert Hislope

This obtainable and vigorous advent to comparative politics bargains a clean point of view at the basics of political technology. Its critical subject matter is the long-lasting political importance of the fashionable nation regardless of demanding situations to its sovereignty. The textual content engages readers because it strains states' struggles opposed to the pressures of world fiscal and political interdependence, fragmented identities and secessionism, transnational felony networks, and terrorism. [C:\Users\Microsoft\Documents\Calibre Library]

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Japan is an extreme example in forbidding not only the possession of firearms in the general public, but hunting guns as well. 6 has a gun (Small Arms Survey 2007). Thus, what states really possess is an effective, rather than an absolute, monopoly of the means of violence. Of course, many states around the world fail to measure up even to this standard. Pakistan is a case in point. Its borderlands with Afghanistan, particularly the districts of North and South Waziristan, are heavily militarized areas that lie outside the control of the central government in Islamabad.

Mexico, for example, is currently in the throes of a vicious drug war in which organized crime groups target police, politicians, and judges (McKinley 2008). Colombia has been enmeshed in a guerrilla war with the Revolutionary Armed Forces in Colombia (FARC), a group that has controlled between 15 percent and 20 percent of Colombia’s territory for forty years. When the Yugoslav state began to unravel politically in the early 1990s, the new political parties that emerged in Croatia, Bosnia, and Serbia all quickly rushed to create armed wings.

It is our concepts that delineate the world, carve it up, and determine that politics is this, economics is that, and sociology is this other thing. As such, concepts are basic analytical ordering devices that make knowledge possible. Concepts furnish the social sciences generally with basic terms of discourse. They provide the means to observe, interpret, and communicate about the empirical world and they are the building blocks of the theories that explain political phenomena of interest to us, such as, for example, different levels of welfare provision from one state to the next.

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