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CORROSION - The chemical or electrochemical reaction between a material, usually a metal, and its environment that produces a deterioration of the material and its properties. CORROSION, ANODE - The dissolution of an metal acting as an anode. CORROSION, ATMOSPHERIC - The gradual degradation or alteration of a material by contact with substances present in the atmosphere, such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, water vapor, and sulfur and chlorine compounds. CORROSION, BIOLOGICAL - Deterioration of metals as a result of the metabolic action of microorganisms.

See deionization. DE-CARBONATION - Refers to the removal of carbon dioxide from the boiler feedwater. DECIBEL (dB) - A decibel is a division of a logarithmic scale for expressing the ratio of two quantities proportional to power or energy. The number of decibels denoting such a ratio is ten times the logarithm of the DECONCENTRATOR - This is a cylindrical tank connected before the boiler to receive the boiler feedwater before entering the boiler. It is designed to promote settling of suspended solids, which then could be removed via its own blowdown device.

DRY PIPE - A perforated or slotted pipe or box inside the drum and connected to the steam outlet. DRY STANDBY - A method of sealing al water and steam connections and placing a desiccant in the unit and applying an airtight seal. DRY SYSTEM - Refrigeration system which has the evaporator liquid refrigerant mainly in the atomized or droplet condition. DRYNESS FRACTION OR QUALITY - Weight fraction of the vapor in a vapor-liquid mixture. DUAL SHAFT GAS TURBINE - a gas turbine which has one turbine on one shaft driving the compressor and when the gas discharged from this turbine is directed to another turbine on a separate shaft to drive a load.

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