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By Hans-Martin Gärtner, Uli Sauerland

Human language is a phenomenon of vast richness: It presents finely nuanced technique of expression that underlie the formation of tradition and society; it's topic to sophisticated, unforeseen constraints like syntactic islands and cross-over phenomena; varied mutually-unintelligeable person languages are quite a few; and the descriptions of person languages occupy millions of pages. fresh paintings in linguistics, although, has attempted to argue that regardless of all appearances on the contrary, the human organic potential for language could be reducible to a small stock of center cognitive talents. the main radical model of this view has emerged from the Minimalist software: The declare that language includes simply the facility to generate recursive buildings through a computational mechanism. in this view, all different homes of language needs to end result from the interplay on the interfaces of that mechanism and different psychological structures no longer solely dedicated to language. on the grounds that language may then be defined because the least difficult recursive procedure enjoyable the necessities of the interfaces, you'll converse of the Minimalist Equation: Interfaces + Recursion = Language. The query no matter if all of the richness of language should be diminished to that minimalist equation has already encouraged a number of fruitful traces of study that ended in vital new effects. whereas an entire evaluate of the minimalist equation would require facts from many alternative components of inquiry, this quantity focuses specifically at the viewpoint of syntax and semantics. in the minimalist structure, this areas our situation with the center computational mechanism and the (LF-)interface the place recursive buildings are fed to interpretation. particular questions that the papers deal with are: what sort of recursive buildings can the center generator shape? How will we ensure what the best recursive procedure is? How can houses of language that was once ascribed to the recursive generator be lowered to interface houses? What results do syntactic operations have on semantic interpretation? To what volume do versions of semantic interpretation help the LF-interface stipulations postulated by means of minimalist syntax?

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In other words, the relationship is established but nothing happens and Case valuation is delayed till the creation of the complex head. Again here we would need to determine what causes delay of feature valuation, a concept that remains unclear. 6 Conclusion In this paper we attempted to investigate a question raised in section 1: What is the status of the SSG in the grammar? Based on evidence from Indo-European and Khoisan languages we arrived at the following answers: (i) The SSG is a constraint on multiple case checking which applies in the vP and the VP domain.

In (25a), the DP Kaece leaves the VP, as depicted in (32). Movement of locative and instrumental PPs is also possible in Ju'hoansi, as shown by the examples (33) (see Collins 2003: p. 9): (33) a. b. ang ko Kaece car hit-TRANS road in KO IKaece 'A car hit Kaece in the road' Ha gu-a 'aisi ko tju 3SG build-TRANS grass KO house 'He built the house with grass' 1 11 For the purposes of the MCC, it doesn't matter which argument moves out of the VP as long as one of them does 9 . The MCC is a version or a close relative of the SSG.

Richards's account captures the data discussed in A&A (2001) as well as cases 18It is not clear what the status of v-raising is in Richards's accounts. Note that in his discussion of SI and QI the verb vacates the vP. 54 Artemis Alexiadou and Elena Anagnostopoulou as in (50), initially discussed in Ross (1972): (50) *The police are stopping drinking on the campus double-ing Richards's proposal, however, faces a number of problems: (i) He cannot account for systematic exceptions to the SSG such as the VSO in Greek/SpanishIRomanian.

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