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By Ana Cristina Rego, Joao Malva, Rodrigo Cunha, Catarina Oliveira

Interactions among Neurons and Glia in getting older and sickness is a resource of "reference experiences" and "concise overviews" of the sensible cross-talk among neurons and glial cells, with a spotlight on microglia and irritation within the getting older mind and in neurological issues. The medical quarter coated through this ebook can be thought of of key curiosity, and it truly is famous, by way of the clinical neighborhood, as a huge aggressive sector with serious implications for human health.

This e-book is prepared in 3 major sections which are anticipated to lead the readers from the elemental sensible cross-talk among neuron and glia to mind pathology. the categorical proposed sections are: 1) Neuroimmunity and Neuroinflammation; 2) Signalling and irritation in getting older; three) Neurodegeneration and irritation in age similar diseases.

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