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2 4) 5) Continued Technique Companies known to be using this technique Specific application (if known) Lead users • 3M, USA, 1990s • Design of surgical drapes—by focusing on the hygiene problems faced by hospitals in developing countries • Hilti, Switzerland, 1990s • Design of industrial fixings • Contacta, UK, 2005 • Establishing an on-going dialog with customers—in this case hearing aid users • Ford, UK, 1990s • Product designers on the Focus project wore thick “Michelin Man” suits to simulate the problems elderly drivers have in climbing into their cars.

In recording the responses to contextual questioning, the researchers not only listen to what is said but also watch for clues, such as children’s and adult’s expressions, the proximity children adopt to toys, the size of toys compared to children’s hands, and so on. Data from the play sessions are deliberately checked for disjunctures; for example, children claim that color is unimportant but, in picking toys to play with, color is often observed to be important. Data from the play sessions are also contrasted with data collected on the homeward journey, as the researchers often ask if they can join the family.

Chapter 2: Surveys and Interviews. Here we explain the use of surveys and interviews in market research, including how questions should be formulated. We cover both direct and indirect questions (including projection and using metaphors). Chapter 3: Focus Groups (and Variations). Focus groups are very widely used but they need to be used in the right way. We explain when and how they can be used effectively and the variations of the technique. PART 2: New Methods of Market Research Chapter 4: Ethnographic Market Research.

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