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If we follow the two spiral lines that begin at the leaf numbered" I" for a certai n spec ies of Mon key Puzzle tree, we find that the first passes through the leaves numbered 14, 27, 40, 53, and so on, while the second passes thro ugh the leaves numbered 9, 17, 25, 33, 4 1, and so on. The regular intervals are 13 and 8 respec tively. The astute reader will recall that the numbers 8 and 13 are two successive terms in the Fibonacci series. It turns out that any other pair of such similarly drawn parastichies for the same species will pa ss throu gh leaves the int erv als bet ween whose ass ig ned numb ers are also 8 and 13.

18 Th e method s by which nature is making her inte lligi bi lity fe lt are uncann y: mathematical entities normall y taken to be physically meaningless lead to the discovery of hith erto unknown and occas ionally unim aginabl e phen omen a suc h as anti ma tte r and bl ack hol es; two diffe re nt level s of physical reality, as represented by classical and qu antum mec hanics, turn out to be descr ibed by ana logous ly re lated math em ati cal for mulae in a co mpletely unexpected and apparently unju stifiable mann er; and physic ally intr actable math ematical terms used only for convenience that had hith erto dropped out of solutions eas ily becom e quite real in other physic al contexts (which exactly parallels the ontolog ical tran sformation of co mplex numb ers when we shift from cla ssical to quantum wave mechani cs).

Ju st as "Existenz" is far re move d from "s ubject", so is "tra nsce ndence" from "o bject" . Th ere is no way to present the du ality Existenzltransce ndence by analogy with subject/object without misleading the reader. For one thin g, Existenz and tran scend ence are not divided in the way that the subject is from its object. One becomes Exi sten z in the pre sence of tr an scendence , and neith er can be understood in spatio-ternporal term s. It makes no sense to date and loc ate the moment wh en one ' s being is e levated o r flooded by the sublime, except at the most trivi al level.

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