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VAN WIMERSMA GREIDANUS, B. BOHUSAND D. ), Elsevier, Amsterdam, pp. 68-69. BUTCHER, L. L. AND ENGEL,J. (1969) Behavioral and biochemical effects of L-DOPA after peripheral decarboxylase inhibition. Brain Research, 15, 233-242. CASSANO, G. , Lor, A. , PINCHERA, A. E BASCHIERI, L. (1973) Effetti del TRH in soggetti con dinsrome depressiva. G. Endocrinol. Pisana. , HANSON-NORTY, E. AND JENNER, F. A. (1974) TRH in psychoses. Lancet, i, 456. DONOSO, A. , FAWCETT, c. , KRULICH,L. AND MCCANN,S. M. (1971) Effects of drugs that modify brain monoamine concentrations on plasma gonadotropin and prolactin levels in the rat.

P. administration of PLG. RESULTS BehavioraI studies No loss of activity or formation of tolerance to the behavioral potentiation of DOPA by T R H (Table I). 05-8 mg/kg), TRH was found to be active in the Everett DOPA potentiation test when administered daily for 5 days. TABLE I EFFECTS OF TRH ON DOPA RESPONSE IN PARGYLINE-TREATED MICE AFTER SINGLE AND MULTIPLE DOSE ADMINISTRATION The TRH was administered 1 hr prior to DOPA. In the case of chronic treatment, mice were treated for 5 days and tested 1 hr after the last dose.

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