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By Lawrence Block

While Byrne and Susan Hollander are killed in a brutal domestic invasion, the entire urban catches its collective breath. a couple of days later the killers ensue useless in the back of a locked door in Brooklyn. One has killed his companion, then himself. town sighs with aid. The law enforcement officials shut the case.Matt and Elaine Scudder have been within the related room with the Hollanders hours prior to their deaths. despite himself, Scudder is attracted to the Hollander case. The nearer he seems to be, the extra he senses the presence of a 3rd guy, a puppet grasp who manipulated his accomplices, then reduce their strings whilst he used to be performed with them.The villain who looms within the shadows is one in every of Block's so much encouraged creations, chilly and diabolical, murdering for excitement and revenue. no one yet Scudder even suspects he exists -- and he is not performed killing.He's simply getting started....

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