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By Thomas J. Hickey

Describes the evolution of the modern Pragmatist philosophy of technology together with the hot artificial-intelligence automated discovery platforms.

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This claimed dependency cannot be conclusively established or verified on the basis of the truth-values of the component statements except in the case of falsification. The truth table for the truthfunctional Russellian logic therefore is not the logic of empirical testing in science. When the antecedent clause is false, the test is invalid due to a failure to comply with its test design. For purposes of comparison truthfunctional and nontruth-functional truth tables appear as follows: Truth-Functional Truth Table A B A⊃B T T T T F F F T T F F T Copyright 2005 by Thomas J.

The source of input for theory revision consists of the descriptive vocabulary from all the currently nonfalsified theories addressing the problem at hand. The nonfalsified theories need not have been tested empirically. Since the problem is unsolved, it does not have any theory that is tested and not falsified. The descriptive vocabulary from recently falsified theories may also be included as inputs to make an accumulative state description. Rejected theories have scrap value. The size of the input state description is relatively small.

Not all descriptions are explanations; only direct descriptions can be explanations, while theories on the other hand are indirect descriptions and are not explanations. Direct descriptions may be either complete or incomplete. Description of what is presently observed is a complete description. Incomplete description refers to what is presently unobserved but observable and what is associated by a law, as for example the movement of a comet that is presently unobserved or the body of a man who disappears behind a pillar.

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