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This monograph offers the required heritage and problem-solving examples required for package deal designers, package deal clients, reliability engineers and people who degree and review the integrity of programs to use this information to fixing their particular demanding situations. How do you outline the goodness of the seal? How is that seal measured? How does the integrity of the seal impact circuit reliability? to reply to those questions and others like them, the writer has introduced jointly greater than a hundred application-specific difficulties and unique their recommendations.

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378)Lhelium M nitrogen 28 The Flow of Gases 67 Table 3-1 shows the conversion relationships between different gasses of interest. To convert the true leak rate of a gas in the left column to a true leak rate of a gas in the horizontal row, multiply the column value by the value in the table where the two gasses intersect. Table 3-1. 238 – *The leak rate for air is an artificial rate as air does not flow as a single molecular species. The gases in air flow at different rates. 7 grams. 0 CHANGE OF PARTIAL PRESSURE WITH TIME If a sealed package has a leak, the partial pressure of the leaking gas inside the package will change with time.

Dushman[10] arrived at a factor K′ which is very close to Clausing’s K, but could be expressed in an equation: Eq. 5. Outside this range, the error progressively gets smaller. The complete range for K or K′ is from 1 to 4D/3l. 00266 respectively. 81D 3 Eq. (2-17) FmcK ′ = T M l 1 in liter/sec 3l 1+ 4D Equations (2-16) and (2-17) are generally not applicable to fine leaks, as the correction factors apply to small values of l/D. The molecular conductance for a rectangular tube, Fmr, of uniform cross-section can be derived from Eq.

The conclusion reached from this investigation was that the fine leaks were so small that they could not be seen under a microscope. 01 mils). Viscous and Molecular Conductance of Gases 37 The general equation for molecular flow comes from the kinetic theory of gases, and is: Eq. (2-11) where: Q= kT ⋅ (Ñ 1-Ñ 2 ) A 2ðm Q = the molecular gas flow in atm. cc/sec k = Boltzman constant T = the absolute temperature m = the mass of the molecule P1 = the pressure on the high pressure side, in dynes/cm 2 P2 = the pressure on the low pressure side A = the area in square cm, and is assumed to be small compared to the size of the vessel The molecular conductance can be derived from Eq.

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