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By Helmut Schoen

Technical gases are utilized in nearly each box of undefined, technology and drugs and in addition as a way of regulate by means of executive experts and associations and are considered as integral technique of assistance.

In this entire guide of purified gases the actual foundations of purified gases and combinations in addition to their production, purification, research, garage, dealing with and delivery are offered in a finished manner. this crucial reference paintings is observed with a great number of facts Sheets devoted to an important purified gases.

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1-11) but requires the use of two virial coefficients. 15 K in a container with V2 = 200 litres pressure equalization takes place. We are determined to find p2 . The new total volume is V 1+2 = V1 + V2, ν1 = ν2 . 1-11). Thus we use the two virial coefficients and solve the above-mentioned equation according to p2 . 93 ·10–3 bar–1 including interpolation from the data sheet in chapter 9. 05 ) The result deviates significantly from the ideal calculation (= 40 bar). 2 The Liquefied Gas If a substance is in a gaseous state then its internal energy determined by the temperature is greater than the intermolecular (attracting) forces.

The Hagen-Poisseuille’s law of 1839/40 applies. p1 is the pressure in the container, p2 the atmospheric pressure under normal circumstances. 5-4) The other extreme case is easiest to show with an orifice plate with A as the area of the opening. 5-5) with p2 = 1 bar. Both kinds of flow express the relationship of the pressure difference between the container pressure and atmospheric one. Consequently, the pressure leak rate has to be supplemented by information about the pressure. Vacuum and pressure leak rate can not be calculated from each other with any great accuracy.

The outside one is the atmospheric pressure of air, inside it is virtually = 0. This may seem paradoxical but even for an Ar supply pipe at a pressure of 250 or even 400 bar it is true that leaks cause the Ar to flow to the outside but air to the inside. If the volumetric flow of Ar is very large it is hardly noticeable. g. during weekends the following phenomenon occurs: When the plant is put into operation at the beginning of the week a relatively high content of O2 and N2, is found which slowly decreases again.

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