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By Faye Kellerman

Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus are again during this gripping secret concerning a mystery cabal of a few of l. a.’ such a lot wealthy—and vicious—teens LAPD lieutenant detective Decker and his spouse, Rina, have willingly welcomed fifteen-year-old Gabriel Whitman, the son of a stricken former buddy, into their domestic. whereas the enigmatic youngster seems adapting simply, Decker is familiar with merely too good the secrets and techniques teens keep—witnessed by means of the tragic suicide of one other youngster, Gregory Hesse, a scholar at Bell and Wakefield, one of many city’s such a lot unique prep colleges. Gregory’s mom, Wendy, refuses to think her son shot himself and convinces Decker to seem deeper. What he unearths disturbs him. The gun utilized in the tragedy used to be stolen—evidence that propels him to release an entire research together with his relied on crew, Sergeant Marge Dunn and Detective Scott Oliver. however the case turns into darkly complex via the suicide of one other Bell and Wakefield student—a dying that leads them to discover a particularly nasty staff of wealthy and privileged scholars with a predilection for weapons and violence. Decker concept he understood young children, but the nearer he and his group get to the reality, the clearer it turns into that he is aware little or no approximately them, together with his personal cost, Gabe. The son of a gangster and an absent dad or mum, the boy has had a existence full of an excessive amount of loose time, too many unexplained absences, and too little grownup supervision. earlier than it’s over, the case and all its terrifying ramifications will take Decker and his detectives down a depressing alley of twisted allegiances and unholy alliances, culminating at a heart-stopping element of no go back.

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You know teenagers and acne. ” “The gun was stolen six years ago,” Marge said. ” “Right,” Oliver said. ” “I don’t know. ” “From her office,” Oliver said. “Her office. ” Decker thought a moment. ” “Okay. ” He stood up and looked at Marge. ” “I’ll go with you if you come with me to Bell and Wakefield. The Loo wants some phone numbers. ” Decker said, “And while you’re at it, get Gregory Hesse’s class schedule. ” “Sure, I’ll come with you,” Oliver said to Marge. He regarded Decker. “Is this Gregory Hess thing like a full-fledged investigation?

Wendy nodded. He closed his notebook. ” There were tears in her eyes. ” Wendy was resolute. ” “No,” Wendy insisted. ” Wendy glanced at the detectives while kneading her hands. She didn’t answer the question. ” Wendy bit her lip and nodded. ” It took a few moments before Wendy could speak. ” Decker tried to be as gentle as possible. ” Wendy was silent. Decker said, “I have no problem going to the school and talking to some of Gregory’s friends and classmates. But the coroner is not going to change her determination unless we find something extraordinary.

That’s good. ” She glanced at her watch and sipped her coffee. ” Gabe rubbed his neck. ” She sat.  . whatever your name is. How about if I give you directions by bus? If you’re at the bus stop, then we’ll go together. ” She sighed. ” Gabe stared at her. Who was she? “I’m not pleading poverty. I’ll pay for the cab if you definitely go. ” the girl said. ” Gabe shook his head. ” she implored. ” He rolled his eyes.  . ” Her big eyes got even wider. “You can’t pick me up at my house. ” Gabe got it.

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